2021:2022 Season

DETERMINED AND GRATEFUL – This is how we feel at TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND as we return to ‘LIVE’ performances. Commitment, Innovation and Curation is what sets TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND apart.

Dance is such a special art form. Athletic, inspiring and surprising – Time and time again, these are the words we hear from audience members. For four decades, TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND presents the most innovative and remarkable dance artists touring the world today. First-time audience members say they had no idea dance was so cool, something our longtime subscribers have always known.

As we leave the fog of lock-down and we return to live performances, the 2021:22 season won’t disappoint. Creative, soulful and breathtaking imagery makes this a very special season of dance companies. We proudly return to the LIVE experience with a season of seven extraordinary companies from Canada and the United States. It is a season rich in creativity and soul-stirring performances.

Success is rooted in collaboration. Together, TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND and the AT&T Performing Arts Center are dedicated to “safely” cultivating talent, new work, and advancing the Arts in our ever-expanding cultural landscape. We are committed to supporting a collaborative community that fosters the creative process. We are building Blended Audiences by bring the world to Dallas. Thank you for actively engaging in the Arts, and for being a part of the TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND and AT&T Performing Arts Center families.

Finally, this season we introduce our new series within a series, TITAS/UNFILTERED. This series has the tagline, “If you’re easily offended, don’t come.” We recognized that not all art is for everyone, but our audience needs to have the option to see great art that might be somewhat controversial. Our UNFILTERED series is dedicated to “Risk,” and we are thrilled to add these more progressive works to our profile.

What we do together, truly does make a difference.


In this Series…