Public Health

Dear Patron,

Safety is always our top priority here at the AT&T Performing Arts Center. This was true before the pandemic, when the pandemic began, and it continues to be our top priority today. And because of this, our COVID protocols, including the mask mandate and reduced-capacity, socially-distance seating, remain firmly in place.

Last summer, the Center worked closely with our Arts District partners to create COVID safety protocols that would allow us to safely reopen while protecting our patrons, artists, staff and volunteers. To shape these protocols (later adopted by dozens of Dallas arts organizations) we relied on CDC guidelines and they were reviewed by the top infectious disease expert at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Last fall, as we carefully reopened our venues, the Center’s team followed these guidelines backstage, front of house, campus-wide. They have proven to be effective.

We know that audiences, our staff and volunteers, and artists are all eager to return to full-capacity theatres. But our local infection rate is still too high and variant strains are spreading. And it will be months before enough people are vaccinated and we’ll feel safe sitting next to one another in a sold-out house.

Given these factors, the Center’s COVID health and safety protocols remain: patrons will be seated using the six-foot social-distancing standard, everyone must watch their spacing, and masks are mandatory. The science tells us these strategies work. Our team will strictly enforce these rules.

There will be a time, when we start working our way back to something resembling normal. But science and the experts will be what guide our decisions.

Mask up! We look forward to seeing you soon!



Debbie Storey
President & CEO

Code Of Conduct

In line with CDC guidelines, the AT&T Performing Arts Center has updated its policies.

  • Outdoor Masking Policies (Strauss Square and Sammons Park)
    • Protective masks for Covid-vaccinated patrons and staff are no longer required.
    • Those who have not been vaccinated, please continue wearing masks to protect yourself and others.
  • Indoor Masking Policies (Winspear Opera House and Wyly Theatre)
    • Face masks remain mandatory for all patrons and staff when moving about inside our venues.
    • Covid-vaccinated patrons may remove their masks when seated.
    • Unvaccinated patrons please continue wearing masks when seated to protect themselves and others.
  • ALL Center venues and spaces:
    • Removing masks to enjoy concessions is acceptable.
    • The Center will continue to provide free masks to those who forget to bring one.
    • Please continue to provide some distance between yourself and others whenever possible.
    • We trust our patrons, artists, staff and volunteers and rely on them to follow these policies.
    • For your safety, security screening will now be in place for all ticketed events.

Subject to change. Purchase of tickets acknowledges consent to Code of Conduct and policies.

Safety Strategies

  • Our friendly staff and volunteers:
    • Have been trained on all strategies and policies.
    • Will wear masks at all times.
    • Will work with patrons to maintain social distancing in all spaces.
    • Will be temperature screened before entry to facilities and not allowed to enter if elevated.
  • New equipment and protocols we’ve added to improve safety:
    • Touch-free payments and ticket scanning.
    • Additional touchless hand sanitizer stations throughout venues.
    • Increased staffing to help guide patrons, maintain social distancing and answer questions.
    • Added signage and social distance floor markers at all cueing locations, including parking garage, elevator lobbies, concessions, patron services, merchandise locations, restrooms, and box office.
    • Floor markers will be used to help maintain 6-foot spacing in lines, lobbies and public spaces.
    • Frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces.
    • Deep cleaning between performances using electrostatic disinfectant devices.
    • Frequent HVAC circulation to bring in fresh outdoor air during and between performances.
    • More frequent changing of HEPA air filters.
    • Acrylic guards in place for concessions, patron services and box office.
    • Concessions will be limited to drinks and packaged items. No outside food or drinks allowed.
    • Restroom and elevator occupancy limited and monitored at all times.
    • Seats will be designated for spacing which are not to be filled.
  • Backstage, here’s what we’re doing:
    • Each company, performance piece and art form is unique and strategies may be adjusted to meet the mechanics of that program The Center’s team will work with the arts organizations and its teams, artists, crew, staff and appropriate unions to create an environment that creates space and mitigates risk before, during and after performances.
    • With the exception of onstage performance and rehearsals, artists, crew and staff will be required to wear masks.
    • The Center encourages arts organizations themselves to develop thoughtful strategies and follow best practices to keep everyone as safe as possible during casting, rehearsals, set building and tear-down and performances.