The 2020:2021 season has arrived. Click here for details.

The remainder of the TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND season, five productions including Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, are now canceled due to the Covid-19 crisis. Command Performance has been moved to August 29th. We are actively working with all the dance companies to reschedule their performances. It is clear though with this crisis, it will not be in the next few months.

TITAS, like the entire arts community, is at a complete stand still, we are asking patrons to please consider supporting TITAS, and allow your ticket purchase to be converted to a tax deductible contribution. We will send you a tax deduction letter. We have faith our society will get through this crisis, but with postponed or canceled shows, many nonprofits will not survive this crisis. Your ticket contribution can help make sure TITAS survives this crisis, and help assure we can continue bringing the world’s best to Dallas. Your ticket donation, in combination with others already generously donating their tickets, will help assure that the arts and TITAS will be here when we get back to normal.

Surprising | Captivating | International

These words speak to what sets TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND apart: Surprising, Captivating, International. Dance is such a special art form. Athletic, luminous and inspiring. For more than 36 years, TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND has presented the coolest, the most innovative, the most remarkable dance artists touring the world today, hence our new name, TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND. A name that is more descriptive of who we are and what we do.

The 2019:20 season won’t disappoint. Creative, theatrical, gymnastic and breathtaking imagery makes this a very special set of international companies. Funny, stunning, inspiring and exciting, we proudly present a season of ten extraordinary companies from the United States, Canada, France, vMexico, South Korea and China. Three of these companies are making their Texas debuts in Dallas with TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND.