The DASH Ensemble Presents

The Power of Collision

The Elevator Project with Support from Tito’s Handmade Vodka

July 28 – 30, 2023

Wyly Studio Theatre

2400 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201


A Groundbreaking Fusion of Dance and Magic

The internationally acclaimed Gregory Dolbashian and The DASH Ensemble are set to captivate audiences once again with their latest production, “The Power of Collision.” This groundbreaking contemporary dance and visual magic hybrid performance promises to deliver a spellbinding experience, pushing the limits of artistic expression.

Dolbashian’s collaboration with the exceptional talents of The DASH Ensemble has resulted in a performance that defies categorization. Drawing inspiration from the interplay between opposing forces, “The Power of Collision” delves into the intricate dynamics of human relationships, emotions, and the universal theme of transformation.

Audiences will be transported into a world where movement and magic converge, as the dancers’ bodies stretch the boundaries of physicality, merging with stunning visual effects. The Dash Ensemble’s exceptional technique, precision, and expressive storytelling combined with Dolbashian’s visionary choreography and innovative use of illusion creates an unparalleled sensory experience.

Supported by Tito’s Handmade Vodka
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