The Elevator Project 2019/2020


American Baroque Opera Company

February 13 – 15, 2020

Hamon Hall

2403 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201


American Baroque Opera Co. (ABOC), in partnership with Ballet Dallas, will present “The Elements” which will combine rarely heard instrumental and vocal music of the baroque with modern ballet. The American Baroque Opera Co., as part of its mission to bring to life little-known musical gems of the baroque, will reintroduce this music to modern audiences. Joining us will be the Ballet Dallas, which uses the language of ballet and contemporary dance to present ballet as a progressive and innovative art form.

The music for this new ballet is comprised of two different composers of the baroque. A reconstruction of Jean-Fery Rebel’s Symphony “Les Elemens” and selections from Richard Delalande’s opera of the same name will serve as the music for this new ballet. Rebel’s Symphony, begins with a startling surprise – ‘Chaos’ – a musical representation of the beginning of the world and the forging of the elements. This music, considered to be harmonically daring and avant-garde even in the 21st century will challenge its listeners idea of what baroque music is: not just an old relic of music, but living, breathing art. When combined with modern ballet, this art can be fully appreciated.



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