Texas Ballet Theater presents


April 17 – 19, 2015


Rubies is a “crisp and witty” collaboration between choreographer George Balanchine and composer Igor Stravinsky. Balanchine worked to put into dance form the essence of the jewels that he admired. Rubies is one act of from the world’s first ever plotless ballet, Jewels. In this act, the dancers race like lightening across the stage to an upbeat jazz-inflected score.

Petite Mort is an intense piece that juxatposes pleasure and death. Set to movements composed by Mozart, this is a breathtaking work that showcases the unique vision of Jiri Kylian, including demanding choreography that features foils as dance partners.“Aggression, sexuality, energy, silence, cultivated senselessness and vulnerability all play a significant part.”

Five Poems is a serene neoclassical ballet that is set to Richard Wagner’s Wesendonck Songs, a score based on five poems written by his lover. This delicate ballet, with choreography by Artistic Director Ben Stevenson, also features sets and costumes designed by actress Jane Seymour. Stevenson was inspired by drifting clouds at sunset and much of the choreography features the women of the company aloft, seemingly floating.

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