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Crow Collection of Asian Art presents

The Eastern Legends

Chinese Rock Music

8:00PM Thursday, May 8, 2014


The Eastern Legends – Chinese Rock Music is a group that combines the elements of rock and electronic music styles. The performance presents the splendid lighting design and minutely choreographed movements of the musicians which fit a younger generation of Taiwanese society today, blended with a lively and enthusiastic stage presence.

For its premiere in April 2007, a world record was challenged: The Eastern Legends attracted over 10,000 audience members of all ages to witness their style of traditional instruments mixed with rock. Subsequently, The Eastern Legends was staged in every major city in Taiwan and went on extended tours for two months in the United States and Canada in the fall of 2008.

In 2010, The Eastern Legends was also involved in the unveiling ceremony of the Taipei Cultural Center in Tokyo. In April, 2012, the group was invited by the Wei Wu Ying Center for The Arts and the Taipei National Theater and Concert Hall, respectively, to perform. In addition, in 2013, The Eastern Legends performed six shows in Vancouver and Toronto, as well as performing at Dodger Stadium before a Major League baseball game.

From its premiere to now, the group has performed in Thailand, Malaysia, the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and the United Kingdom, attracting thousands of audience members to its unique fusion of eastern and western musical styles.

About Chai Found Music Workshop

Since 1991, the Chai Found Music Workshop (CFMW) has been active on national and international music scenes. Over the past years, the group has been performing contemporary classical music as well as traditional Chinese and Taiwanese music in countless concerts in Taiwan, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. This has gained CFMW the reputation of being one of the foremost Sizhu (Chinese chamber music) ensembles in the world.

The idea behind all of CFMW’s musical and cultural activities is the advancement of traditional Taiwanese music, both inside and outside of the confines of Taiwan. CFMW adheres to its traditional foundation and perfects its arts achievement with contemporary extensions. The Council of Cultural Affairs of Taiwan has been supporting and endorsing the group’s activities for years, and has granted it numerous awards for excellence.

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