The Center and KXT 91.7 Present

Lucinda Williams

25th Anniversary Event

8:00PM Thursday, September 12, 2013

  • Outside Food And Beverages Welcome Performances


BYOB Event! Bring your own food and drinks to the show!*

Lucinda Williams

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of her 1988 self-titled groundbreaking album, Lucinda Williams will be performed in its entirety as the first set of the evening, featuring the classic songs “Passionate Kisses,” “Crescent City,” and “Change The Locks”.

The object of cultish adoration for years, singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams was universally hailed as a major talent by both critics and fellow musicians, but it took quite some time for her to parlay that respect into a measure of attention from the general public. Part of the reason was her legendary perfectionism: Williams released records only infrequently, often taking years to hone both the material and the recordings thereof. Plus, her early catalog was issued on smaller labels that agreed to her insistence on creative control but didn’t have the resources or staying power to fully promote her music. Yet her meticulous attention to detail and staunch adherence to her own vision were exactly what helped build her reputation. When Williams is at her best, even her simplest songs are rich in literary detail, from her poetic imagery to her flawed, conflicted characters. Her singing voice, whose limitations she readily acknowledged, nonetheless developed into an evocative instrument that seemed entirely appropriate to her material. So if some critics described Williams as “the female Bob Dylan,” they may have been oversimplifying things (Townes Van Zandt might be more apt), but the parallels are certainly too strong to ignore.

The Kenneth Brian Band

As the title suggests, the debut album from The Kenneth Brian Band, Welcome to Alabama, is an introduction to the New South, by way of a relentless attack of tracks featuring masterful song-crafting, blistering guitar work, spot-on harmonies, and a take-no-prisoners-rhythm section, all tied together by Brian’s honest voice and unapologetically straight-forward point of view.

Don’t miss this one night only event with Lucinda Williams at Annette Strauss Square in Dallas.

*Performances in Strauss Square are BYOB. For more information on what items are permitted, click here

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