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Chris Johnson w/Madison King

Free Local Music

5:30PM Thursday, September 5, 2013


Chris Johnson

Fort Worth, Texas based Telegraph Canyon is the brain child of American songwriter Chris Johnson (born November 21, 1981). In 2005 Johnson teamed with Andrew Skates, Chuck Brown, Tamara Cauble, Erik Wolfe and Austin Green to form Telegraph Canyon. Known for dynamic performances and orchestral like arrangements, They’re are not easily categorized as a folk band or an indie rock band. Songs often lead with soft Violin and finger plucked Banjo or Acoustic Guitar only to end at a U2 level of bombast incorporating dozens of intruments. Their lo-fi / mid-fi debut album “All the Good News” was released in 2009. The just released single “Wheel to The Garden” is the first studio recording they’ve put out in over 3 years and a glimpse at their 3rd studio album that will be out later this year.

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Madison King

Friendly, neighborhood Dallas singer-songwriter Madison King’s brand of rock lurks in a darkened alley, barely holding its rockabilly impulses in check…

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