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The nonprofit AT&T Performing Arts Center was honored with a $5,000 grant from TACA (The Arts Community Alliance) for its free outdoor concert series Patio Sessions, which supports rising talent from the region. TACA gave out $1.3 million to local organizations at TACA’s annual Grant Awards Presentation on January 26.

Patio Sessions reflects the Center’s goal to enrich the community, through quality performances that can be accessed year-round on our dynamic campus. Powerhouses like Sarah Jaffe, The O’s, and Bethan are just a few of the acts who have participated in Patio Sessions, while new talents emerge every season. The grant from TACA will enable the program to expand and thrive, showcasing more artists who represent our community’s ever-growing talent.

Four of the Center’s resident companies, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, The Dallas Opera, Dallas Theater Center and Texas Ballet Theater, received TACA grants; as did TITAS Presents, the Center’s fine arts presenting partner. All together, these organizations received $420,000 to help them continue their tradition of creating quality performances that can be seen at the Center year-round.

TACA champions artistic excellence in performing arts organizations and encourages innovation, collaboration, and engagement through financial support, stewardship and resources. Like the Center, TACA is a nonprofit organization.

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