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The application period for the 2023/2024 season has closed and applications are under review! Get ready for next January’s application period.

Things to consider:

  • Submissions must come from organizations or artists in the city of Dallas.
  • Performances must take place between August 1, 2023 and July 31, 2024.
  • Performances will generally take place in the smaller venues of the AT&T Performing Arts Center (Hamon Hall, 6th Floor Studio Theatre, Sammons Park, etc.), however, creative use of the other spaces on the Center’s campus is encouraged (i.e. Strauss Square, the Donor Reflecting Pool, Brierley Esplanade).
  • Target length for an Elevator Project production is 90 minutes plus a 15 intermission, if possible.
  • Applicants are strongly urged to consider this a partnership with the AT&T Performing Arts Center and therefore must think through what elements of the productions they can provide (light, sound, scenery design, and crew).

Technical Specs for the Center’s individual venues are available for download here:

Tech Specs

What You Will Need to Complete the Submission

Please collect the following information before you begin the application process:

  • Detailed contact information for the primary individual who will be the point person.
  • Short biographic summaries of principals.
  • Any additional lighting, sound or scenery designers and crew that will work your show.
  • If applicable, the organization’s mission, history, and current annual budget.
  • Project Budget, including sources of additional funds to mount the production. While the Center supplies significant support, artists generally need to bring in additional funds from other sources.
  • Project Information including name, description, desired dates, desired venue, project’s goals, technical requirements, script (if available), or any additional materials to deepen our understanding of the project.
  • Strong Marketing or Advertising plans, including social media accounts. Artists with developed marketing and advertising plans stand a better chance of moving forward.
  • Select supplemental materials to highlight your talent and expertise. This may include links and/or files to upload of your past work and accomplishments.

NOTE: Uploaded files should be representative of your work. For instance, a dance project should include video and audio showing your ability to dance. A musical project should include audio files.

The Selection Process:

Each year, the Center will announce submission dates and available venues. To be considered, proposals must meet the technical capabilities of the proposed venue. Projects are selected through a multi-level review process.

  • The Elevator Project Advisory Panel, a group of five individuals chosen jointly by the Center and the Director of the Office of Arts and Culture, will review and adjudicate the submitted projects. No artist or group with an active submission may serve on the panel. A Center operations specialist will advise the panel to ensure submissions meet the technical standards.
  • The panel will make enough recommendations to fill the available slots, as well as runner-up projects for consideration if the primary recommendations are not able to proceed.
  • The primary and secondary recommendations will then be reviewed jointly by the Center, the OAC Director, and the Chair of the Arts and Culture Advisory Commission for advice and recommendations.
  • The Center will take those recommendations and begin negotiating with the groups to establish a fee, set expectations, secure the venue and finalize dates on the calendar.


Application Period Closed

*The application period for the 2023/2024 season of Elevator Project has closed.