Elevator Project 2023/2024

Elevator Project

In 2014, the AT&T Performing Arts Center created the Elevator Project to provide small, emerging and historically marginalized arts organizations and artists with a performance platform in the Dallas Arts District. It has evolved into an exciting, curated season of work stretching across genres, with the projects chosen through a competitive process by a panel of arts professionals and advocates.

Submissions for the 2023.2024 season were accepted online from noon,
Tuesday, January 3, 2023 through noon, Friday, January 27, 2023.

Explore the 2023.2024 Season

Photo Credit: Richard Hill Photography, Verdigris Ensemble, Dust Bowl – 2019/2020 Season

Presentations may range from single-night performances to a two-week run for a play. They may include music, theatre, dance, spoken word, cabaret, comedy, opera, and more, or even a combination. Most shows are performed in the 6th Floor Studio Theatre in the Wyly Theatre or in Hamon Hall in the Winspear Opera House. However, the Center will consider other venues on our campus and all are subject to availability.

Applicants must be Dallas-based and special consideration is given to groups or artists that do not have a performance space they call home. Successful projects may include new and experimental works, ethnically and/or culturally specific projects, and performances designed for unique spaces on the Center’s campus.

Iv Amenti Presents, Felabration Dallas!, 2018/2019 Season

Submissions for the 2023/2024 season (Aug. 1, 2023 to July 31, 2024) were accepted from noon, Tuesday, January 3, 2023, until noon, Friday, January 27, 2023. The submission process was completely online.

The Elevator Project is made possible by the support and partnership of the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture. The Center encourages small arts organizations and individual artists to take this opportunity to excite, entertain, challenge, and stimulate.

Let your imagination fly. Go after that dream you have had and enter into a partnership with the AT&T Performing Arts Center to present your work!

“The Elevator Project gave me the resources and support to create the state-of-the-art production of my dreams! There was so much I didn’t know going in, and now those things are a part of my artistic canon.”

Iv Amenti, Producer, 2018/2019 Season

Photo Credit: Sharen Bradford, Dark Circles Contemporary Dance, Aladdin, Habibi – 2018/2019 Season

2023/2024 Season

  • Bren Rapp
  • Emerge Coalition, Inc.
  • Flamenco Fever
  • Jamal Mohamed
  • Plague Mask Players
  • Prism Movement Theater
  • Soul Rep Theatre Company
  • Tejas Dance

2022/2023 Season

  • EMERGE Coalition, Inc.
  • Agora Artists
  • mixtamotus
  • Jess Garland
  • Therefore Art, Sound and Performance Group
  • The DASH Ensemble

2021/2022 Season

  • Sangeet Millenium / Arts Nomadic
  • Soul Rep Theatre Company
  • Janelle Gray (Theatre)
  • Indique Dance Company
  • Urban Arts Collective (Music)
  • Bandan Koro African Drum and Dance Ensemble
  • Bombshell Dance Project

2020/2021 Season

  • mixtamotus
  • Prism Movement Theater
  • Bombshell Dance Project
  • Very Good Dance Theatre Company
  • Tejas Dance
  • Flexible Grey Theatre Company

2019/2020 Season

  • Jake Nice, a new play by Thomas Ward
  • American Baroque Opera Company
  • Verdigris Ensemble
  • Janeille Kastner and Brigham Mosley, a new play
  • Flamenco Fever
  • Das Blümelein Project (Music)
  • Indique Dance Company
  • B. Moore Dance

2018/2019 Season

  • Dark Circles Contemporary Dance
  • Indique Dance Company
  • The Flame Foundation (Theatre/Music/Dance)
  • Scott Zenreich (Theatre)
  • GiANT Entertainment (Multi-genre)
  • Teatro Flor Candela
  • Iv Amenti (Music)
  • Cry Havoc Theater Company

2017/2018 Season

  • American Baroque Opera Cabaret
  • Adam Adolfo (Multi-genre)
  • Bandan Koro African Drum and Dance Ensemble
  • Cry Havoc Theater Co.
  • Dark Circles Contemporary Dance
  • Jake Nice (Theatre/Music)
  • Soul Rep Theatre Company
  • Therefore Art & Performance Group

2016/2017 Season

  • Denise Lee (Cabaret)
  • Max Hartman (Music)
  • Prism Co. (Theatre)
  • Melody Bell (Spoken word/Storytelling)
  • DGDG: The Danielle Georgiou Dance Group

2014/2015 Season

  • African-American Repertory Theater
  • Cara Mia Theatre Co.
  • Dallas Actor’s Lab
  • DGDG: The Danielle Georgiou Dance Group
  • Second Thought Theatre
  • Upstart Productions

“Elevator Project made a huge impact on the success of our new company. We were most definitely lifted up from the niche of presenting Baroque opera [and] into the limelight of Dallas arts.”

Hillary Coyle, Executive Director, American Baroque Opera Company, 2019/2020 Season