McFarlin Auditorium

6405 Boaz Ln, #101,
Dallas, TX
75275 United States


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Parking is located at the Law School Garage at Daniel and Hillcrest, in addition to the E-lot (the parking lot behind Dallas Hall) off of Daniel Avenue. Airline Garage is also located on Daniel Avenue at the intersection with Airline Road.



The Auditorium welcomes all patrons and offers a variety of services to meet special needs. There is a ramp entrance at the southeast corner of the building marked with signage for wheelchairs, strollers, walkers or carts. This ramp leads to the lower lobby, with access to any level of the Auditorium via the elevator, however we recommend that patrons with accessibility needs choose seating at the back of sections B and D on the orchestra level as well as smaller carpeted areas at the front of sections A and E.


Concessions, if sold, would be located in the lower lobby and Mezzanine level on Balcony 1. Food and beverages are not allowed into the performance hall.


McFarlin Memorial Auditorium is a proscenium style theatre located on the campus of Southern Methodist University. The venue seats 2,386 on three levels. The building is the third oldest on SMU’s campus and has hosted a number of notable acts.

Opened in 1926 to fulfill the University’s pressing need for a chapel that could accommodate the entire student body, the Auditorium has evolved over time and continues to serve the University in the manner envisioned by SMU President Charles Selecman as “a place where we can have our friends from the community and elsewhere gather together on great occasions.”