Seat Naming Dedication FAQ

  • Your plaque dedication can include your name or honor a loved one
  • Through this one-time gift, your plaque dedication will be in place for a minimum term of five years.
  • The Center will place your plaque on a seat within the Rows of Honor – Orchestra Center rows A-G.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my gift be used to support AT&T Performing Arts Center?
Your contribution will directly support our operations and sustainability, which allows the Center to be a public gathering place that strengthens community and fosters creativity through the presentation of performing arts and arts education programs.

What benefits are included when I name a seat?
You will receive an individual plaque on a seat in the Orchestra section of McDermott Performance Hall that includes the name of your choice.

Will I be able to sit in the named seat for performances?
We are unable to guarantee that you’ll sit in your named seat during performances. If requested, the Center’s team will make efforts to place you in your named seat.

Where will the plaque be installed on the seat?
All plaque dedications will be affixed to the back of the seat, centered at the top.

How long will my plaque dedication be in place?
Your seat plaque dedication will be in place for a minimum of 5 years.

What inscription can be included on the seat plaque?
Your plaque dedication may feature the name of a person, family, or business. It may include “In Honor of” or “In Memory of.” These inscriptions are for names only. The Center reserves the right to reject inscriptions that are inappropriate for the space.

How many characters can be included in my plaque dedication?
Plaques will accommodate two lines, 24 characters per line including spaces.

What is the price range for naming a seat?
Seats start at $2,500 and to select your own seat, pricing is $5,000.

Is there a deadline for participation?
Seat dedications are available now and through the holiday season.