Raise The Curtain Donors


Thank You to our Raise the Curtain Contributors and those who have gone above and beyond their annual support.
Donations from March 13, 2020 – Present

Raise the Curtain Champions

$150,000 and Above

Individual Champions

Margot B. Perot
Evelyn Potter Rose

Corporate and Foundation Champions

The Eugene McDermott Foundation
PNC Bank
Texas Commission On the Arts

Raise the Curtain Contributors

$50,000 – $149,999

Anne and Robert Bass
Diane and Hal Brierley
Hoblitzelle Foundation
Ted and Shannon Skokos Foundation
Warner Media

$25,000 – $49,000

Haynes and Boone, LLP
The Moody Foundation
TACA, Inc.
Topo Chico

$10,000 – $24,999

Anne and Larry Angelilli
Altabef Family Fund
Chadwick/Loher Foundation
David and Maggy Croxville
Lauren Embrey
Bess and Ted Enloe
The Ben E. Keith Foundation
The Hegi Family
Erle and Alice Nye
Reliant Energy
Shari and John Stankey
Daniel and Judith Tobey
Ellen and Don Winspear

$5,000 – $9,999

Alina R. and Ruben E. Esquivel Family Fund
Sophia Rose Johnson
Margaret H Jordan
Wendy Lopez and Connie Moorer
Carol and John Levy
Lincoln Property Company – Rusty and Bill Duvall
Sarah and Alan Losinger
Brendan and Helen McGuire
The M.O.B. Family Foundation
Lucilo Peña and Lee Cobb
Caren Harvey Prothro
DeMetris Sampson
Greg Swalwell and Terry Connor
Thompson & Knight LLP
Tyler Technologies

$2,500 – $4,999

Thip and Brian Enzler
Dianne and Mark LaRoe
Sheryl and John Paul
Kenneth Schnitzer
Ron and Phyllis Steinhart
A. Elizabeth Stewart

$1,000 – $2,499

The Beck Group
Christy Berry
Barry Brown
Susan and Bob Cronin
Pilar and Lew Davies
Tom and Jan Daulton
Bobby Gibbs and Mallory Fosdick
Debbie and Manny Fernandez
Goldman Sachs
Mark and Carol Kreditor
National Endowment for the Arts
Kendall and Christopher Purpura
Helen and Frank Risch
Vikki Silvis
Lisa Simmons
Charles Stanley
Mary K Suhm
George Tang
Suzanne V. Walker
Susan and David Ward
Benay Weiss
Donna Wilhelm Family Fund
William Grant & Sons

$500 – $999

Amanda Austin
L.A. Bond
Dorothy Butler
Angela Wommack and Ted Casey
Sally Cecil
Eric Cerny
Dr. W. Jewell Davis
Candace Faber and Andrew Frechtling
Faynetta Fort
Kay and Duncan Fulton
Jennifer Jones
Sarah Klarich
Sarah Littell
Mickey and Bill Lively
Cappy and Janie McGarr
Joel Patterson
Dr. Christopher Salerno and Dr. John Dixon
Dr. Ravindra Sarode MD
Stephanie Wynne Seay
Michelle Simpkins
Linda and Charles Thomas

$250 – $449

Brooke Bailey
Sara Campbell
Grace Cook
Kathryn and Jonathan Cox
Jennifer Davenport
Mary Dorsey
Erin Duvall Vergauwen
Preston Evans
Frank George
Ron and Candy Hatfield
Jennifer and Kevin Kirksey
In memory of Zero Ling Lau
Samantha Matthews
Tom Moore
Linda Moten
Beverly Pitchford
Steven Lawrence Santos
Jeannine Spiller-Hisey
Randy Sutherlin
Alysa Teichman
Betty Williamson

$100 – $249

Victor and Stephanie Aves
Theresa L. Badylak
Kimberly Bowdry
Suelyn Boyd
Hance Burrow
Doti Butler
Beverly F. and Don Campbell
Alisa Carlson
Michael and Mary Cinatl
Luther Clark
Jackie Cox
Karen Cox
Kara DeVita
Gene Farnsworth
Hector Garcia and Craig Holcomb
Deborah Glast
Francisco Guzman
Chris Heinbaugh
Scott Henry
Susan R Hoffman
Donice Jordan
Robert Kelsoe
Darren King
Heather Knapowski
Victor F. Kralisz
Theresa Kurz
Lolisa Moores Laenger
Cora Lansdowne
Martha Lawless
Jennifer Leichner
Veletta Forsythe Lill and John Lill
Mirna Lynch
Richard Malnory
Page and Granville McAnear
Cyndy McCracken
Ashley McDonald
Scott McElhaney
Candace MacMahon
Bonnie Meeder
Eloise G. Noteware
Deborah and Jim Nugent
Greg ODonnell
Annette Okai
Harlan and Hannah Pollock
Scott Raskin
Paul Rodrigue
Adam Roffman
Anne Schermerhorn
Paul and Rachel Schulze
Shawn Shorkey
Lawrence Silverman
Dr. Roger J Stierman
Wendy Strick
Ruth Switzer
Walker Trigg
Elaine Tucker
Brett Turner
Andrea Whitehead
Thomas Williams and Sarah Wynne
Herschel and Margaret Wilonsky
Wheelice Wilson, Jr
Lawrence Worden
Allan Young
Ethel Zale

Additional Supporters

Regina Alcorn
Wendy Alyea
Cathleen Bauer
Caryn Berardi
Russell Braun
Lorie and Michael Bryson
Cheryl A Buckles
Judith Byerly
Kay L Byfield
Eileen Castillo
Tracy Cobb
Catherine Cocanougher
Lisa Cooper
Joshua Crockett
Madeleine Crouch
Gabby Cullen
Sheri Czapla
Becca Darrouzet
Sarah Frank
Elizabeth Lyn Freeny
Bill Garrett
Twila Gass
Leslie George
Jayci Giaccone
Steve Grossmann
Bill Harden
Jane Kristen Hatton
Dr. John Herman
Mary Anne Hicks
Huy Ho
Travis Houston
Satyen Jhaveri
Steve Johnson
Caitlin Ketcham
Budi Kusumo
Gary LePoris
Mike Lesher
Marilyn Levin
Chun Lin
Holly Lovvorn
Julie Luton
Becky Mayad
Regina McClendon
Raymond Mimick
Amy Mitchell
Suzanne Mitchell
Kathleen Morley
George Murnu
Sonja Quintero
Keri Rardon
Victor Reyes
George and Elizabeth Robinson
Cecelia Rogers
Rochelle Rubin
Chrissie Ruspino Snyder
Gabriel Sanders
Elizabeth Schaab
William Mark Schweitzer
Johnny H Scott
Nancy Spence
Patricia Stella
Cindy Turner
Paula Waldron
Audrey Watkins
Sunny Wood
Gina Zippilli