Annual Fund Donor Recognition


The Meadows Foundation – Maintenance
Neiman Marcus – Education
Donna Wilhelm Friendship Fund – Community Partners
McGee Foundation – Tessitura Database
Horchow Family Fund – Operations

Foundation and Institutional Support


David M. Crowley Foundation
Toyota Motor North America


Bank Of America
Communities Foundation of Texas
Downtown Dallas, Inc.
Fichtenbaum Charitable Trust
Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation
TACA, Inc.
Texas Commission On the Arts
The Ted and Shannon Skokos Foundation*
The Walt Disney Company
Thrivent Financial
Young Women’s Preparatory Network


Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bass
Deedie Rose*

$25,000 – $49,999

Tricia and Gil Besing
Diane and Hal Brierley*
Mary Anne Cree*
Barbara Thomas Lemmon*
Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger
Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr.*
Vin and Caren Prothro Foundation*
Kenneth Schnitzer

$15,000 – $24,999

David and Maggy Croxville
Lauren Embrey*
Hegi Family Foundation*
Matrice and Ron Kirk
Helen and Robert McGraw

$10,000 – $14,999

Aaron Family Philanthropic Fund
Jennifer and Peter Altabef
Anne and Larry Angelilli
John Dayton*
Bess and Ted Enloe*
Mark and Carol Kreditor Philanthropic Fund
Joy and Ronald Mankoff
Holly and Tom Mayer
Christopher Reynolds
John and Shari Stankey
Greg Swalwell and Terry Connor
Judith and Daniel Tobey
Marnie and Kern Wildenthal*
Ellen and Donald Winspear*

$5,000 – $9,999

Philip T. Bee Charitable Trust
Diane and David Biegler*
Angela Wommack and Ted Casey
Barbara and John Cohn
Kristi Covey
Cindy and Phillip Eichenholz
Gwendolyn Pearson George*
Robert Hallam, Jr.
Curt Hildt
Cathy and Bill Kirkpatrick
Lori and Bradley Lee*
Carol and John Levy
Veronica Lewis
Penny and Roy McClurg
Helen and Brendan McGuire
Lisa and Kent Montgomery
Mark and Janiece Page
The Paulos Foundation
Lucilo Peña and Lee Cobb*
Nelda Cain Pickens*
Leslie and Howard Schultz
Mary and Bill Sladek
Debbie Storey
Southern Methodist University*
Scott Weaver

$2,500 – $4,999

Sheryl Adkins-Green
Carol Anderson
Theresa Badylak
Susi and Peter Brundage
Ana and Don Carty*
Sally Cecil
Tim Chase and Eric Powell*
Samantha and Mark Crosby
Thip and Brian Enzler
Alina and Ruben E. Esquivel*
Laura Farrar
Marshall Funk
Kathleen and Robert Gibson
Fanchon and Howard Hallam
Bryant and Nancy Hanley Foundation
Kim and Hudson Henley
Marguerite Steed Hoffman*
Angela and John Howell*
The Frank and Velyna Johnson Family Fund
Margaret H. Jordan
Kay and John Kelly
Sarah Klarich
Kline Family Foundation*
Kathryn and Michael Kotel
Julie Machal-Fulks
Wilson and Gwyn Mason*
Amy Jo and William McGregor
Jeff McLaughlin
Ysenia and Darnell Moore
Tom and Nancy Moore
Ruth and Brian Mutch
Charlene and Roger Nanney*
Rose and Joe Paul
Sheryl and John Paul
Sheri and Andrew Rosen
Dr. Christopher Salerno and Dr. John Dixon
Ron and Phyllis Steinhart*
Mary Suhm
Jennifer Switzer
Mary and Mike Terry*
Linda and Charles Thomas
Kristy Warren
Benay Weiss
Diane and George Wendel

$1,000 – $2,499

Anonymous (10)
Susan and Mark Abe
Jeffrey Abrahamson
Donna and John Adams
Thomas Adler
Marilyn Agoos
Brooke and Greg Alexander*
Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Alexander
Debby and Bill Allbright
Vicki and Greg Allen
Jeffrey D. Allen*
Sara Allen
Amy Stewart Law
Michael D. Andereck
Judy Anderson
Linda and Robert Appel
Lara Aragon
Lori Archie
Anita and Truman Arnold
Anita and Paul Artt
Carolyn and James Atkins
Clark Bailey II
Ida Jane and Doug Bailey
Chris Baldridge
Dr. Linda and Spencer Barasch
Vickie and David Bargas
Cindy and Ben Barnett
Tom and Vicki Barrett
Ken and Carolyn Barth
Beth Beach
Lisa Beckerman
Beth and Brad Bedell
C. David Bedford
Medora Beecherl
Charles Bell and Catherine Bracken
Wendy and Mark Benedict
Mr. and Mrs. Patty Benson
Joe Benton
Christy and Robby Berry
Rainey Berry
Cyndie Bertrand
Marilyn Bick*
Becky and Allen Birmingham
Carrie Blake
Maria and Clark Blakeway
John Baldwin
Lisa and Steve Block
Joyce and Howard Bloom
Lou Ann Bode
Dale Boisso
L. A. Bond
Charlotte and Mel Booth
Steve Bottum
Donna and Robert Bourgeois
Joanne and Trey Bowles
Jim and Sherry Bradow
Caryn and Dylan Bramhall
Vicky Bratton
Walter & Yvonne Breen
Joyce and Robert Bregman
Amy and Maurice Brimmage
Lael and Peter S. Brodsky
Beth and John Bromberg
Holly and Doug Brooks
Phillip and Jenny Brooks
Charles Bross
Candy and Ike Brown
David Brown
Mason Brown Family Foundation
Cristi and Phil Brown
Susan Brown and Bill McCoy
Judi and Joseph Bruegger
Karen and Edwin Bruning
Susan and David Bryson
Eric Buchl
Carl Buck
Robert Bucker and Jody Hall
Elizabeth Bull
C & K Buresh
Hance W. Burrow, III*
Michael Byington
Sean Byrne
Christine and Jim Cadorette
Deborah LaJean Caldwell
Cathleen Callahan
Mary Bowman Campbell*
Nancy and Clint Carlson
Susan and T.A. Carnell
Sarah and Robert Carpenter
Suzanne Caruso
Lisa Castillo
Eric Cerny
Sue and Tom Chambers
Cal and Clare Buie Chaney
Donna and Robert Chereck
Claire Chiappetta
Mary and Michael Cinatl
City Yoga
Betsy and Tom Clack
Al and Shalyn Clark
Chad and Maureen Clark
William Clark
Jenifer Cline
Jeanne Marie Clossey*
Dr. Troy Cobb
William D. Cobb, Jr.
James and Natalie Coe*
Carol and Howard Cohen
Jack Cohen
Catherine and David Cole
Stacie Collins
Nicole and Chad Cook
Read and Kristen Cook
Howard Cooke
Randee Cope
Dolorie and Paul Corley, Jr.
Laura Couch
Sara Covington
Gary Cowger
Samantha and Jason Crispin*
Don Croll and Jan Gartenberg
Susan and Bob Cronin*
Kelli Crosby
Mike Crossley
Judy and Al Crozier
Judy and Cullen Cullers
Dr. Trenton Custis
Joy and Michael Daley
Janet and Tom Daulton*
Dusty Davidson
Cynthia and Randall Davis
Robert Davis
Claudia and Scott Davis
W. Jewell Davis, MD*
Carol and James Dean
Dr. Daniel DeMarco
Sara and Jason Dennis
Lynn and Andrew Derman
Gemma Descoteaux
Tammy and Mike Dickstein
The Allen and Barbara Dogger Fund of CFT
Andrea and Cal Donsky*
Mary Dorsey
Nancy and Thomas Drake
William Dube
Bonita Dula
Marion and Frank Dunton
Timothy Durst
Dr. Jason and Lucy Edling
Edwin Jones Co., Inc.
Virginia Elder
Kathryn and Timothy Eller
David Ellis
Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Ellis III*
Rebekka Ervin
Carole and Jim Erwin
Adrian and Suzy Escalante*
Laurie and Phil Evans
Linda and Norman Ewert
Susan and Charles Fajardo
Osvaldo Fajardo
Susan Farley
Sarah Feagin
Elizabeth Felker
Patricia and Thaddeus Fenton
Debbie and Manny Fernandez
Petey Parker-Fite and Jim Fite*
Pam Fleetwood
Roy Flegenheimer and Alicyn Rhodes
Tootsie and Peter Fonberg
James Foos
Jason Ford
Faynetta Fort
Cindy and Patrick Fox
Ronnie Freidberg
Janet and Martin Fried*
Joyce and Ira Fritz
Mary Ellen and Rod Fruth
Tracy Fulton
Judy and Walter Gaman
Carl Gamble
Archana Ganaraj
Dr. Catalina and Gary Garcia
Luis Garcia and Timothy Sandlin
Peggy Garmon
John Garner
Marialice and Randy Garrett
Arthur Geffen and Terri Fischman
Sandra and Charles Gelfand
Read and Steven Gendler
Nancy and Brian George
Deanna and Matt Gerde*
Brian and Julie Gerron
Bobby Gibbs and Mallory Fosdick
Kerry and Allan Gillan
Kirk Gills
Debra Ginchansky
Laurie and Major Ginsberg
Deborah Glover
Patricia and Matthew Gold
Nelda Golden
Larry and Marge Goodman
Lois and Monte Goodman
Gail F. Gordon
Kathy and Gregory Gordon
Fred Graffam
Linda and Bruce Graham
William and Mona Graue
Gracon Construction
Dr. Ron and Pam Graves
Dr. Peter Grays
Holly and Stormy Greef
Joseph C. Green
James Greenfield
Livvy and Jules Greif
Dr. Barbara Greyson
Louise and Guy Griffeth
Thomas Gross
Bonnie and Michael Grossfeld
Dawn and Toby Grove
Helene and Jerold Grubstein
Elsie and Robert Grundtvig
Timothy Gunderson
Dan Gutierrez
Susan and Michael Haddad
Donald Haig and Jeanet Dreskin-Haig
Cathey and Randy Hall*
John H. Hallam
Barbara Hamilton
Mary J. Hamilton
Conrad Hamric and Scott Cooper
Gina Hancock
Steven Happel
Tracy Hargis
Mark J. Harris
Charla and Mark Harris
Terry Harris
Michelle and Tom Harris
Laurie Hasty
Darren Hauck and Kerri Evanson
Brenda Haupt
Craig Haynes
Barbara and Jim Hazlewood
Angia and Keith Heier
Terri Heinen
Erik Heinkele
Margaret and Mark Henderson
William T. Henderson
Patricia and James Henry
Joshua Hepola
Greta and Howard Herskowitz
Neil Herson
Mark Heymann
Carol Hindes
Bertha and Narciso Hinojosa
Dale Hinz
Martha and Kent Hofmeister
Brenda Hollar
Dr. Robert Honigsfeld
Chris Hoover
Dr. Susan Hornstein
Andrea Horvath
Suzy and Martin Hotchkiss
Patrick Howard
Keith Hughes
Mary Margaret and Douglas Hunt*
Dr. Mark Hupert and Mr. Mark Lombard
Stephanie and Jason Huston
Ann and John Irish
Cheryl and Stan Itzkowitz
Robert W. Ivey, III and Chad Bieber
Angela and Fred Jackson
Lisa Jacobi
Cher and David Jacobs
Marla and Howard Janco
Arthur Janes
Harriet Jeffers
Kristi and John Jenkins
Chris Joe, Zach and Christy Tedesco
Sue and Phil John
D. Jill Johnson-Scott
Debbie and David Johnson
Melinda and Jim Johnson
Linda Johnson
Sophia and Willis Johnson
MaryAnn and Timothy Jones
Jeff Jutte
Kimberly Kacal
Scott Kahle and James A. Jones
Jean and Steven Kaplan
Peggy and Robert Kaufman
Drs. Joan and Joseph Kay
Judy and Harold Kaye
Robert & Laura Kehoe
Tim Keith
Donna and Greg Kelly
Harriett Kennedy
Chris and Linda Keogh
Amy and Kevin Kerber
Kyle Kerr
Jan Killian
Sheilon King
Diana Kingston
Delane Kinney
Tanya and Charley Kiser
Sherrie and Jeffrey Klein
Lori and Steven Kleinfield
Janet Klosterman and Pete Zarate
Heather Knapowski
Amanda Knobloch
Nancy and Mark Knudsen
Drs. Christine Ho and Anil Koganti*
Dr. Mark and Mimi Kogut
Larry Kohn
Marilyn and Cal Koontz
Dr. Gregory Kozielec
Autumn Kraus
Ron Kreutzberger
Joni and John Krieg
Maureen and Tim Kroeger
M Beth Krugler
Amy and Jason Kulas
Jenni and Jim Kupersmith
Sarah Kwidzinski
Gary Laben
Shirley Lacroix
Trudy and Bob Ladd
Sepherson Landers and James Hester
Joyce Laux
Kathleen and Michael LaValle
John and Lacy Lawrence
Bob and Roberta Lazarus
Jan Leeds
Lisa Lennox
Dr. Greg and Alicia Lensing
Marsha Lev
Leslie and Steven Levin
Mary Lewis
Stephen Lieman
Tom Light
Kathy and Bob Lines
Tricia and Steve Loe
Julio Lopez
Lott Physical Therapy & Fitness Center
Janet and Roland Love
Lynn Lovell
Belinda and Felix Lozano
Catherine and Chuck Lundberg
Katherine Lyle
Susan and Ed Madden
Julia and Lawrence Mandala
Chris Mantzuranis
March Family Charitable Foundation
Michael Margulies
Leonor Marquez
Charlene and Tom Marsh*
Walt and Nancy Marston
Kenneth Martin
Julie and Edward Marx
Todd Massey
Shirley Mastenbrook
Kim and Joe Mathews
Chris Matta
Toni and Scott Mayfield
Linda McClain
Terri and Jesse McClellen
Vincent McColm
Kathy McCool
Becky and James McCulley*
Mary McDermott Cook*
Julia McGuire
Alyce and Murry McKenzie
Patrick and Linda McMahon
Deborah McMurray and Glen Davison*
Gracie McMurrey
Anna Meade
Stacy and Philip Meadows
Lawrence and Joselyn Meddaugh
Larry Melamed
Lawrence Melsheimer
Astrid Merriman
Dr. Robert Metzger
James Meyer
Mary and Peter Meyers
Tricia Michaelson
Dr. and Mrs. Carl and Bernice Middleton
Tom and Vicki Mielke
Kim and Tom Miller
Stephen Miller, Jr.
Shana and Chris Millican
Joan Ming
Robin Minick
Dr. Jere H. Mitchell
Nancy Montgomery
Rebecca and James Moore
Darlene and Thomas Moore
David Morice
Jessica Morris
Susanne and Jon Morrison
Robert Mosser
Joseph Motes
Brandi and Robert Motion
Christi Mulkey
Gerard Murphy
Angella Myers
Melanie and Jim Myers
Jan and Marc Myers
Eric Nadler and Dr. Anh-Hong Tran*
Darrell Nelson and Michael Raymond
Jimmy Nelson
Linda and William Nelson*
Phillip Nesbit
Kate and Keith Newman*
Lori and Nam Nguyen
Janiece and Jimmy Niemann
Charlene and Tom Norris*
Tami Nystrom
Mary and Robert O’Dell
Tom O’Keefe
Sharron O’Neil
Anne and Michael Ochstein
John Oehlke
Cindy and Pat Ohlenforst
Randy Olena
Betty Osborne
Randy Osteen
David and Cathy Pace
Ron Palluth
Rocco Papalia
William Pardue
Jill and Patrick Parish
Maureen Parks
Brett Parsley
Katrina Parsley
Renita and Mark Partin*
Stefanie Paschal
Rana and John Pascoe
Annette and Jeff Patterson
Hillary and Joel Patterson
Dr. Craig Paul
Dr. Paul Payne
Elaine and Trevor Pearlman
Kimberly Pease
Stanley Peskind
Gary Peto
Ann and John Piazza
Chuck Poche and Kelly Craig
Craig Pollard
Dana and Norman Pomerance
Dr. Jason and Kristina Potter
Gary and Laura Powers
Arlene and Bill Press
Pat and John Priest
Dianne Prothro
Gina and Jeff Prudhomme
Dr. J. Michael Putman
Sharon Quist
Raelaine and Paul Radnitz
Carolyn Raiser and Andy Streitfeld*
Joe Ramey
Paul Ramiez
Drs. Anu Ravipati and Devesh Ramnath
Randall and Victor Ray
Cindy and Dr. R. Lynn Rea
Tom Reeves
Ann and Peter Reid
James Richards
Phyllis and Rod Riggins
Susan and James Riley
Michelle Robberson
Sandra Roberdeau
Bruce Roberts
Larry Roberts
Dena and Don Robinson
Ana and Daniel Rodriguez
Greg Roemer
Robyn Rogers
Rhonda and Steve Rose
Edward Rosenwasser and Deborah Hersh
Lisa Ross
Barbara and Stephen Ruel
Johnette Russell
Ann Ryder
Kristy and Beaude Sahm*
Tricia and Ken Salyer
DeMetris Sampson
Dr. Henry and Ms. Terri Sanchez-Leal
Terry Sandlin
David Sassano and Don Tapani
Susan Satterwhite
Michael Schiff
Jane and Walter Schiller
Andrew Schoellkopf
Julie and Randal Schoenstedt
Debbie and David Schweig
Kevin Scott
Lynn R. Scott
Louanna and Val Scott
Robert Scruggs
Susan and Dave Scullin
Carol Segreti
Victoria Seitz
Brad Sham
John Shaw
Dr. Robert Shaw
Jonathan Sherwood and Lance Schnell
Daphne and Jay Shipowitz
Patricia and Tom Shires
Judith Shure
Wardena and Peter Silberman
Toni and Morey Silverman
Denise and Denis Simon
Susan Simon
Dr. Brenda Sims
Joseph Sims
Michelle and Mike Sims
B.K. and Mark Sloan
Charla and John Smart
Carolyn Smead
Kelly Smoyer
Michelle and Leigh Spangler
Jyll and Hugh Spears
Cindy and Dr. Stuart Spechler
Alan Spencer
Teresa and Paul Spiegelman
Aimee and Jason Spoerlein
Jo and Andre Staffelbach
Charles Stanley
Darren Stanley and Paul Wackym
Karen and Jack Stecher
A. Elizabeth Stewart
Jeffrey G. Stewart, M.D.
Sherry Stewart and Jim Attrell
Richard Stockton
Sandra and Gary H. Stone
Jill Stone
Dr. Marvin and Kathy Stone
Claudia Stool
Clinton Strong
Ms. Eileen Strotz
Monica Susman
Randy Sutherlin
Ed Swalm
Ruth Switzer
Barbara and Robert Sypult*
Rosalie and Alan Taper
Betsy and Todd Teitell
Don Templin and Sarah Saldaña
Beth and Chuck Thoele
John C. Thomas
Debbie and Michael Thompson
Lynne and Bob Thompson*
Angela and Joel Thronburg
Cythia and Edward Timms
Louis Tiseo
Lupe and Michael Tobey
Shari and Jay Tobin
William Toles
Gene E. Toye
Nhu Thuy Tran
David Trautvetter
Katherine and Martin True, Jr.
Cindy and L.C. Tubb
Jo Tuck
Rebecca and James Tudor
Deborah and James Turner
Mary Anne and James Turner
Dr. Gary Tylock
Douglas Unger
Bonnie Uzelac
Amanda VanDenBerg
Lorraine Vecchiola
Denise and Anthony Villani
Debra and Raymond Vines
Sharon and Robert Walker
Suzanne V. Walker
Laura and Brian Wallace
Lorry and Patrick Wallace
Dawna and John Walsh
Rebecca Waszgis
Matthew and Michèle Weibel
Skyler and Joan Weinand
The Weiss Family
Susan and John Wellik
Joel Wellnitz
Judith Wharton
Laura and Doug Wheat
Tom Whitesides and Mark Till
Annette Whitney and Jeffrey Rasansky
The Skantz-Wiley Family Fund
Shelly and Lalan Wilfong
Becky and Tom Williams
Melissa and Wayne Williams
Brian & Jessica Willson
Wheelice Wilson, Jr.
Wendy Windham
Cindy Wingo
Diana and William Winkelmann
Jill and Malcolm Winspear
Susie C. Wolbe
Laura Worsham*
CandE and Steve Wright*
Lindsey G. Wyatt
Janet and Stephen Wyrick
Laura and Douglas Yarbrough
Chris and Donna Young
Sharon and Michael Young
Tricia Yu
Cindy Zebroski
Kristie and Geoffrey Zenick
David and Bethany Zimmerman
Pat Zipper
Chris Zpevak
Frank Zuch
Victoria Zudak and John Eichman

* Indicates founding member
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