Wyly Theatre

The Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre is one of the world’s most innovative theatre facilities. The 10-level building features a groundbreaking design with an unprecedented “stacked,” vertically organized facility that completely rethinks the traditional form of theatre.

The flexibility of the facility allows the Wyly Theatre to host a wide range of classical and experimental drama, dance and musical productions, world-renowned vocalists and dance troupes. Unique spaces throughout the many levels of the building provide a variety of dramatic areas to host special events.

Potter Rose Performance Hall

One of the most innovative gathering spaces in the world, the Potter Rose Performance Hall is capable of changing its configuration to accommodate any event. From a traditional theatre arrangement to 8,100 square feet of unobstructed flat floor space and everything in between, this venue is a blank canvas limited only by your imagination.

  • location: Third Floor
  • size: 8,100 sq. ft. (90 × 90)
  • capacity: Performance configuration up to 575 seats; Flat floor configuration up to 800 reception and 400 dining

Potter Rose Hall Image Gallery

Studio Theatre / Patron Lounge

Located on the sixth level of the Wyly Theatre, this versatile space is perfect for private parties, performances or rehearsals. With its black box-style design and flexible configuration, the Studio Theatre and Patron Lounge offer both the intimacy necessary for small-scale productions and open views of the Dallas Arts District that provide a one-of-a-kind backdrop for any event.

  • location: Sixth Floor
  • size: 2,900 total sq. ft. (84 × 36 total; Studio Theatre alone = 36 × 42, Patron Lounge alone = 36 × 39)
  • capacity: reception 300, dining 200

Studio Theatre Image Gallery

Wyly Theatre Lobby

The bustling social centerpiece of the Wyly Theatre is it’s spectacularly appointed lobby, which serves as a lively gathering place for patrons attending performances and an ideal pre- and post-function area for special events.

  • location: First Floor
  • size: 2,300 sq. ft. (31’ x 84’)
  • capacity: reception 230

Wyly Theatre Lobby Image Gallery

Rehearsal Hall & Bess and Ted Enloe Terrace

One of Dallas’ most unique venue spaces, the Rehearsal Hall on the ninth level serves as the principal rehearsal space for the Dallas Theater Center, a Center resident company. The interior offers 2,000 square feet of event space with plenty of room for small or mid-sized gatherings. The covered Enloe Terrace, decked out in green turf, adds a one-of-a-kind view of the Dallas Arts District and the city’s skyline.

  • location: Ninth Floor
  • size: Rehearsal Hall 2,000 sq. ft. (56 × 36), Enloe Terrace 900 sq. ft. (26 × 36)
  • capacity: reception 150, dining 100

Enloe Terrace Image Gallery

Mark and Barbara Thomas Lemmon Rooftop Terrace & Diane and Hal Brierley Sky Lounge

Exposed to the great Texas sky, the top floor of the Wyly Theatre offers breathtaking views of downtown Dallas. This distinctive wooden rooftop deck crowns the Center and is the secret gem of the Arts District—an ideal spot for any intimate affair. Paired with the Diane and Hal Brierley Sky Lounge, this indoor-outdoor space provides plenty of room for both dining and reception.

  • location: Tenth Floor
  • size: Lemmon Terrace 2,200 sq. ft. (92 × 26), interior Sky Lounge 475 sq. ft. (34 × 14)
  • capacity: reception 200, dining 100

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