The Elevator Project

Enter Several Strange Shapes, Bringing in a Banquet

Presented by Justin Locklear

August 4 – 13, 2022

Wyly Theatre

2400 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201


Enter Several Strange Shapes, Bringing in a Banquet, a deconstruction of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, is a genre-bending work playing with elements of dance, theatre, performance art and multi-media. Utilizing none of the characters of the original work of Shakespeare, the play instead builds a world from the themes and metaphors of The Tempest, creating a new myth altogether. Enter Several Strange Shapes, Bringing in a Banquet exists across platforms – in-person performance and using a digital interface that pushes the level of interaction into the audience’s own intimate imagination. Through an extensive movement score, live and pre-recorded dialogue and soundscapes, the show invites audiences to celebrate their own imaginations along with a return to public space, while also creating a surreal environment for escape. Jump into a stark and decadent world that culminates in moments of spectacular crisis!

Masks are requested, regardless of vaccination status.


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