The Elevator Project 2021


Presented By mixtamotus

May 13 – 15, 2021

Studio Theatre

2400 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201


#DigitalConnection is presented by mixtamotus, a human-digital interface art exploration. It is a diverse collaborative work that blends dance, music, and video mapping to create a weekend-long immersive installation in the 6th Floor Studio Theatre in the Wyly Theatre. The performance concludes with a postshow, behind-the-scenes experience educational component including a facilitated Q&A with the collaborators, photo/video opportunities, and technology playtime. This new work was conceptualized in response to the current siloed social environment in the United States. mm offers #DigitalConnection as commentary on the importance of human connection, community, and creativity in the digital age. We acknowledge the impact of the digital age and create an opportunity to experience and discuss the impact of technology on art, art-making, artists, and our world. Content for this project is sourced from the digital space including Instagram polls, Instagram/Facebook Live conversations, and Instagram Stories ‘Questions’. Connect and contribute to our creative process online. @mixtamtous #DigitalConnection2021 #mixtamotus mixtamotus.com


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