The Elevator Project 2019/2020

Playwrights in the Newsroom

By Brigham Mosley and Janielle Kastner

March 5 – 15, 2020

Wyly Studio Theatre


Playwrights in the Newsroom is an immersive, theatrical experience orchestrated by two playwrights who’ve spent hundreds of hours shadowing The Dallas Morning News. Playwrights Brigham Mosley and Janielle Kastner are fairly literate people (or so they thought) who, until recently, got their news from Buzzfeed and/or Twitter. When given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the newsroom at The Dallas Morning News to write a play about journalism, these fiction-writing story-embellishers are faced with a new mandate: seek the truth and report it. Their theatrical mission is simple: Figure out what journalism is, why it matters, who we trust to tell us What Happened, and also, along the way, maybe save democracy. No sweat!



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