The Elevator Project

Medea Myth: Love's Beginning

April 13 – 23, 2017

Wyly Theatre

2400 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201


“PrismCo, the passion-perfect Dallas performance art company…grounds its original works and adaptations of classic tales in pure movement while honoring their literary and intellectual spirit…”

This April, join Prism Movement Theater at the Wyly Theatre as they dive into an all new, completely original take on one of Western literature’s most infamous couples: Jason and Medea.

These two young tragic heroes find in each other hope for survival and the fervor of love. To stay together they must challenge an ancient king and steal the Golden Fleece. Their passionate pursuit threatens to destroy everything they have known and turns them into legends.

PrismCo was founded in 2013 by SMU graduates Jeff Colangelo and Katy Tye. Their shared love of movement and a desire for a different kind of theater led them to creating new works together which rely on physicality and movement rather than text. In 2012, their first collaboration, PRISM, was workshopped at SMU.

Over the past 3 years PrismCo has produced a number of critically acclaimed and popularly lauded original wordless pieces including Galatea, Persephone, Animal vs Machine, Baba Yaga, Teotl (a co Production with Cara Mia), Gog and Magog (Another workshop with Cara Mia) and Prism. PrismCo was also accepted to the Celebration Barn workshop in 2015 to develop a piece called Medea Myth. Medea Myth will be given a full production by PrismCo in early Spring 2017.

Additionally, PrismCo has provided educational services to a number of institutions. They have taught fight choreography, clowning, weight sharing, corporeal mime, and many other skills to schools like Plano Children’s Theater, Lone Star High School, Arlington IB school, and My Possibilities, a non profit organization that educates special needs adults.

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