Vanessa Peters and Rahim Quazi

Patio Sessions

Vanessa Peters and Rahim Quazi

Free Local Music

5:30PM Thursday, May 29, 2014


Sammons Park

2403 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201


Vanessa Peters

In the last ten years, Vanessa has played over 1000 shows in 11 countries, receiving accolades from abroad and in her hometown of Dallas, where she was recently nominated as “Best Folk Artist” by The Dallas Observer. She continues to tour the US and in Europe, and she expects to release two new albums in 2015 – the Americana-tinged album recorded with The Sentimentals, as well as an album of her own material co-produced with her husband and bandmate Rip Rowan. Her last album, “The Burn The Truth The Lies,” was on a number of top 10 lists in 2012 and was her most successful album (both critically and commercially) to date.

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Rahim Quazi

Rahim Quazi writes and performs melodies more comfortable than a feather bed and comfortable as your favorite sneakers. A Troubadour or full band, Rahim gets inside of you with his feel good melodies. Rahim is currently recording his 3rd solo album , Born on a Sunday, in Dallas.

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