Luke Wade and No Civilians with Kirk Thurmond

Patio Sessions

Luke Wade & No Civilians

with Kirk Thurmond

6:30PM Thursday, October 9, 2014


Sammons Park

2403 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201


Luke Wade & No Civilians

Luke Wade, a small town Texas native whose sophomore album, “The River,” arrived March 21, has been a fixture of national stages for around a decade. The son of a well-known artist and a dancer, Wade decided years ago that his future was going to be on stages and scenes telling his stories. “I really think that’s why I’m on this planet,” he says. “I never sit in my house and play songs for myself. It’s all about what they do for other people, that shared experience.” Backed by his band, No Civilians, a group that’s both a band and a concept, the new album is an honest look at Wade’s life in lyrical form. “Once I write the song it’s not about me anymore, it’s about who I’m playing for. I write thinking that if someone’s in the right frame of mind this could change their life.”

Kirk Thurmond

With disarming lyrics that speak to the realities of love both found and lost, and songs that tell stories of a life that isn’t always perfect (but sometimes comes close) Kirk Thurmond’s smooth and soulful voice draws the listener into a world where problems can be honestly and earnestly expressed, and where you feel that it’s ok to not always be completely content. With songs such as “Like My Love,” “Leave that Girl Alone,” and “Superlover,” Kirk’s music can simply be described as honest.

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