Marcus Sykes

Marcus Sykes and The Hottest Comics in Dallas 2013

8:00PM Saturday, April 27, 2013


Marcus Sykes is officially coming to you live and direct with the hottest comics in Dallas, Alfred tha Alley-cat, Damon Millard, Tim Edwards, and runner up Lance Davis. These fresh new faces have a contemporary dialogue, so unique from one another that this comedy variety pack will prove to be the most epic showcase the local Dallas comedy scene has seen this year. Marcus Sykes, headliner and co-producer of this event, recently set out to create a comedy experience based on his own style of comedy, that he believes can be summed up in one word: hot.

Determined to realize his vision Marcus, set out to find the hottest comics in Dallas, along with other hot talented local professionals like models and fashion designers to help him take local Dallas comedy events to a whole new level of expression. when asked why he replied:

“I believe it’s time for something new, big, and different to happen in this growing Dallas Comedy scene. And I want to make that happen”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Dallas comedy at its best. Celebrate this rare and unique occasion with laughs April 27th with Marcus and the Hottest comics in Dallas at the Wyly Theatre.

I know you love a good laugh, and these guys are the hottest comics in Dallas, so don’t miss it.

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