Centro-Matic Duo w/ Daniel Rush Folmer

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Centro-matic Duo w/ Daniel Rush Folmer

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5:30PM Thursday, October 24, 2013


Centro-matic Duo

By some counts, the number of Centro-matic or related releases is in the hundreds at this point; three EPs, a soundtrack cut and a cassingle were released while you read this—each one a surprise and revelation. But none more so than the most recent album: Candidate Waltz, what Will Johnson (songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist) calls the band’s “meat-and-potatoes pop record.” Johnson, the accidental solo artist who formed around him a band that’s hung tight and together for 15 years (and: Happy Anniversary!), wrote the songs on bass, in his warm Central Texas in mid-summer. He wonders: Can’t you tell? It sounds shirtless and sweaty. Johnson and his compatriots—Scott Danbom (keyboards, violin, harmonies) Matt Pence (drummer, producer), Mark Hedman (bass, guitar)—have made what Johnson calls a “peeled back” album with “new approaches and ideas.” Fifteen years and 294 records later, Candidate Waltz manages to sounds like some young band’s debut—its exuberance is infectious; its vigor, visceral.

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Daniel Rush Folmer

Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers is a foray into the mind of Daniel Rush Folmer. The son of a music teacher, Folmer has had a lifelong involvement in music – from elementary school choir to being a member of the dallas schizo-rock group the pAper chAse. Folmer’s neuroses are in full display as his sonnets articulate on topics ranging from self-destruction to the maniacal joys of love. Along with his designated drivers (ferraro, collins, garver, sims, lee), he crafts a live show that is wrought with energy and explosive urgency. Danny Rush and the DD’s followed up 2012’s Brown and Blue with a release in early 2013 of his latest album, Malverde.

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