Forbidden Broadway

December 27 – 30, 2012


The Off Broadway mainstay that has lampooned Patti LuPone, mocked Stephen Sondheim and found many other unwitting foils among Broadway?s greats and not-so-greats for more than a quarter century.
?Forbidden Broadway,? the satirical revue of the New York theater scene, regularly updated with the passing seasons, has spoofed and skewered the best and worst theatrical performances since Gerard Alessandrini introduced it in 1982. Before there was a ?Daily Show? or a regular entertainment diet of self-referential meta-humor, Mr. Alessandrini was sticking it to the close-knit theater world. The show?s format has barely changed since it opened as a small cabaret act. He still rewrites the lyrics to music from the current crop of shows and uses four performers and a pianist to summarize the theater season through songs and sketches.

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