Neiman Marcus Kids Night

photo by Stevan Koye


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Neiman Marcus Kids Night is what it sounds like: a night at the theatre for kids!

First, kids can see the show for free with our buy one, get one deal. When you buy tickets, the Kids Night will be marked as such – and you can add a free ticket to your order when you purchase a ticket for an adult. But a lot happens before the show too…

There are arts and crafts!

WEB Finding Neverland 2017-0885 sk.jpg

You can meet the cast:

WEB Finding Neverland 2017-0897 sk.jpg

And you can meet… other things.

WEB Finding Neverland 2017-0934 sk.jpg

Learn more about the show…

WEB Finding Neverland 2017-0908 sk.jpg

Take a red carpet photo!

WEB Finding Neverland 2017-0994 sk.jpg

Tell us what you think.

WEB Finding Neverland 2017-1162 sk.jpg

And for the parents…

398A4073 nr.jpg

Here’s a video:

Our next Neiman Marcus Kids Night will be March 21 for The 20th Anniversary Tour of Riverdance, and you can click here for tickets.

Fine print: activities vary for each show. But we’ll keep you up to date via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and e-mails.

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