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Our not-comprehensive, not-scientific list of some of our personal favorite moments of 2016.

Best of Broadway


By Stephanie Spaulding, Director of Marketing

“This show is one of the best Broadway shows on tour I have seen in years. It was precise, witty and glamorous; the sets and costumes where stunning and the talent on stage was superb. I am not sure I have seen a cast have so much fun with a show. I know they appreciated their stop in Dallas, which makes this experience unique and special for the AT&T Performing Arts Center staff.”


By Drew Eubank, Communications and External Affairs Manager

“The Book of Mormon is… impressive. It’s irreverent, subversive and hilarious in a way Broadway had never been before; all in a traditional musical format – there’s even a tap number. And each song reminds you of a different classic show (try to listen to ‘All-American Prophet’ and not hear ‘Ya Got Trouble’ from The Music Man). When the audience is rolling with laughter, tapping their feet, and thinking about important issues – that’s musical theatre doing its job.”

Best of Off-Broadway


From CultureMap

“AT&T Performing Arts Center’s experimental season of smaller, quirkier shows expanded all the way into Deep Ellum for the tour of Ghost Quartet, which was unlike anything DFW audiences had seen or heard before… It was a weird show for sure, with music that wasn’t always pleasant to the ear, but it also defied audiences’ preconceived notions about theater. The performers would interact with the spectators, some of whom were seated on cushions right beside them, by passing off instruments for them to play and at one point doling out a few bottles of whiskey. Watching the confusion, then disbelief, and finally delight on people’s faces as they poured themselves a stiff drink was a fitting reaction for this show.”


From the Dallas Voice

“The season’s most unexpected theatrical creation was less a play than an immersive sensory experience. A cheesy faux graphic novel about alien invaders comes to life in a series of colorful panels projected overhead, while actors voice all the roles… and Foley artists recreate the sounds a la an old-fashioned radio play. Funny, engaging, unique… and best of all, a sequel returns in the spring.”

Best of Dance


Betroffenheit, A Kidd Pivot and Electric Company Theatre co-production
By Amanda West, Director of Production

“Best show I have probably ever seen. I started out very impressed with production. Unusual for a dance performance, but as I saw it coming together and going through the tech rehearsal I knew I was looking at something really special. Then in performance, the dancing was fabulous and the story was deeply moving. It was clear that every moment of the piece was crafted. A theatre/performance art/dance blend that really really worked. Of course with the technical elements being such a dramatic influence in the storytelling, it was definitely a standout for me in that regard.”

The Dallas Morning News loved Kidd Pivot too – as well as Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan and Jessica Lang Dance.

Kidd Pivot

Best Events


By Jordan Turner, Marketing Manager

“My favorite thing this year was just a few weeks after I started. I was at the Broadway Announcement and a little boy was seated in front of me with his parents. After every show announcement he would squeal and start talking about how excited he was to see each one of the shows. He just couldn’t contain himself. I grew up in Dallas and I saw my first Broadway show when it came on tour. Broadway changed my life and I get to make that happen for others now… It’s a dream.”


by Kathryn Cox, Group Sales Manager

“While 2016 had many great moments, my hands-down favorite was our first-ever Industry Night in August. The cast of A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder was gracious and enthusiastic, the Tony Award was on display for all to see, and I really loved getting to meet so many industry personalities. I enjoyed putting this evening together with my friends at TheaterJones.com and we have now laid the foundation for more successful Industry Nights to come! I know the Center loves supporting our local artists as much as I do and my hope is that we all get to witness this initiative grow into a mainstay.”

Best of… Weird


The Mandatory World Tour
By Chris McDonald, Marketing Media Manager

“One reason I love working at the AT&T Performing Arts Center is the variety of arts and entertainment we bring to the community. Speaking strictly as a fan, my personal favorite in 2016 was ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic at the Winspear Opera House. There was something oddly satisfying seeing a ridiculous pop-culture icon such as Weird Al performing at a revered venue like the Winspear Opera House. That being said, The Weird One put on a very entertaining and enjoyable set. And the crowd was equally as entertaining, with many of them dressed in Star Wars cosplay.”

Weird Al

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