Prelude Lights

photo by Nate Rehlander


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Fundraiser Will Feature DFW’s Neon Indian & Zhora

Prelude Lights is a fundraiser to support the nonprofit AT&T Performing Arts Center’s arts education and community programs. It’s the night before PRELUDE (Thursday, October 20) in Strauss Square surrounded by the city’s skyline. Guests at Prelude Lights will be the first to see and interact with the curated PRELUDE. More information about Prelude Lights, including tickets and sponsorship opportunities, is available at

In addition to interactive art and culinary delights, Prelude Lights will feature two of DFW’s favorite music acts: Denton-based electronic band Neon Indian and a DJ set by Zhora.

Neon Indian

With his funky guitars, Balearic rhythms and elaborate lyrics, Neon Indian is going to turn Strauss Square into one “Glitzy Hive.”


Your new favorite pop starlet happens to be Dallas-based and knows a thing or two about “Lights.”

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