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Would this new dad recommend a performing arts career to his son?

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Staff Spotlight: Weston Keifer

Weston Keifer is passionate about education. This becomes clear immediately when you ask him about his job at the AT&T Performing Arts Center, where he’s worked for half a decade. Weston is the Technical Director, on the Production team in the Operations Department.

“I really enjoy teaching Backstage Spotlight classes, and I’m excited to see what the next school year will hold.”

(Backstage Spotlight is one of the Center’s education programs, which provides hands-on technical theatre skills and career prep.)

In fact, when pressed about what he does while he’s not on the Center’s campus: “I work with any school who needs a helping hand. I teach classes, do career days, and consult for shows on the side.”

In addition to his almost incessant work with students, Weston recently landed the ultimate teaching gig: being a parent. His son Rex was born in May.

What would you tell your son if he wanted to do what you do one day?

“I would be super psyched if Rex wanted to do what I do! I would immediately teach him how to do everything properly. Hopefully he’ll be able to weld by the time he can walk.”

What is your favorite show, program or series to work?

“I really enjoy working on Local Motion Zumba. I get pulled into the Zumba ‘battles’ and do all the moves.”

Favorite venue?

“The Wyly Theatre is fun because it’s like a Transformer, and the Winspear Opera House is beautiful. But really any backstage space is my favorite.”

Favorite Dallas sports team?

“Sports? I’m a theatre kid.”

Favorite food truck?

“Lunch? What’s that?”

When you’re not at the Center, we could find you…?

“At home with my son Rex and my wife Missi.”

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