Here's How to Start Working Out Again

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The Center’s Local Motion program makes it easier for you to make 2016 the year of mastering your fitness goals. It’s very simple. Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. from March until May, we offer free fitness classes in our quest to become a gathering place for the community. Starting in March, we’re offering Zumba classes, in addition to other performing arts-inspired fitness classes … maybe even with a surprise. (Stay tuned.)

Pick a way to exercise that’s fun for you.
Forget planks and burpees; you can Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton and Flamenco your way to a healthier heart with Zumba, the exercise genre we’ve chosen for the month of March.

Try something that won’t discourage you.
Zumba might be danced-based, but its choreography is simple enough that anyone (from beginners to the well-heeled) can take it up with ease. Zumba is all about moving and having a good time. In fact, its motto is “Ditch the exercise — join the party!”

Find an incentive.
Would you like to win prizes for working out? Who wouldn’t?! That’s why we hold ticket giveaways to our returning exercisers, so that you might just get a wonderful night of theatre for attending.

Don’t break the bank.
Exercise can get expensive, which is why our classes can augment your other sessions or memberships stress-free … because Local Motion is totally free.

Trust a pro to set you up right.
The talented and wonderful Gloria Flores, known around Dallas for her kick-A Zumba classes, will be leading the sessions so that you know you’re in good hands.

Pick a serene environment.
Have you seen the Center’s campus? It is beautiful, serene and very safe if you want to bring children with you. When you’re not stuffed up in a gym or kicking your furniture while doing exercise videos, it turns out expending calories is a much more pleasant experience.

Take a chance.
Sometimes, the thing that will get you moving is simply to get moving. If you need one impetus to get you down the path of a healthier life, this is as fun and low-pressure as you can imagine. We’d love to have you, so come on!

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