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The famous New York City thoroughfare called “Broadway” goes back to the city’s Dutch roots, originally called “Breede weg.” Broadway and the area around Times Square is now considered the center of the American theatre industry where grand, star-studded productions dominate the marquees.

But a critical lifeline feeding Broadway is the Off Broadway scene. This is where new, exciting and experimental work frequently gets it start (sometimes even moving to Broadway… think Rent.) These are usually smaller more intimate houses, a bit more affordable with work that is newer and riskier.

In fact, Off Broadway has a history of reinvigorating and reinventing theatre, offering audiences a very special experience unlike anything else they might see. And for its Off Broadway On Flora series, the Center looks not only in New York but also other cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, Austin and more to find the very best available shows to bring to North Texas. And local theatre fans are the big winners because they get to see the great buzzed about hits from these cities, without leaving town.

The series allows the Center to be even more inclusive, adventurous and diverse. In fact our new Off Broadway On Flora season includes drag queens, murder, ghost stories, space adventures and stories so big they have to be sung) they draw crowds who might never consider themselves theatergoers otherwise.

Take Intergalactic Nemesis, which touches down at Dallas City Performance Hall next May. It takes radio drama-style sci-fi and translates it into a live-action graphic novel. With science fiction plotlines reminiscent of The Twilight Zone and memorable cosplay characters worthy of the Dallas Comic Con, crowds with varied interests can find a place to belong in the theatre.

Likewise, The Lion is ideal for anyone who loves incredible music and great storytelling. Music lovers, from traditional folk fans to alt-indie lovers, will enjoy Singer/Songwriter Benjamin Scheuer’s considerable artistry to re-tell the coming-of-age story for a new generation.

For all the trend setters in your life, Ghost Quartet is living and walking street cred. The environment of Ghost Quartet harkens back to campfire ghost stories and Edgar Allen Poe-inspired suspense, made beautiful through artful cello performances and indie-folk sing-alongs that occur in the audience.

And for those who love classic musicals and mayhem, Murder for Two and A Divine Evening with Charles Busch have already earned cult-like followings.

When the Center puts its Off Broadway On Flora series together, it curates the standouts and sellouts that have been entrancing audiences everywhere – no matter the city or street. Buy tickets to this series and fall in love with theatre that’s as original as it is unforgettable.

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