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There are summer camps and then there are SUMMER CAMPS. The Cirque Dreams KidsTime Summer Camp is an exciting opportunity for your child to learn improvisation, physical comedy, acrobatics, body movement and more led by professional Cirque coaches, right here on the campus of the AT&T Performing Arts Center.

Starting Friday, May 7, registration opens for this four-day, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. camp for participants from the ages of 10-16. The registration fee is $550 and covers a range of experiences that are sure to make this summer special for every young learner. Cirque Dreams KidsTime is available to all levels of skill and experience. Enrollment is limited to 50 participants.

Designed by Broadway Director Neil Goldberg, the Cirque Dreams KidsTime Summer Camp is an immersive experience for young people, who are led by world-renowned Cirque Dreams performers, teachers and international circus arts experts. It is designed to fulfill youthful appetites with creative activity while expanding their horizons in a healthy, exploratory and imaginative environment.

“From a student’s perspective, this is the holy grail of summer camps. Where else can you come to a campus as beautiful as this one and learn from Cirque performers themselves?” says Doug Curtis, President and CEO at the Center. The Center’s education programs focus on developing a student through the arts, though this is the first year that a summer camp is available.

Curtis explains, “We know that summer is a time when lots of parents are looking for quality options for enrichment, and when kids desperately need their minds to stay engaged in learning. This camp serves those purposes excellently.”

To learn more and reserve your spot, please click here.

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