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Sample 3 to 7 Shows From Dallas’ Finest Performing Arts Institutions

Holiday Pricing with Performances at $25 Each

Mayor Mike Rawlings joined today with seven of the city’s finest performing arts institutions to announce a diverse package of performances that give people a taste of the performing arts. DPASS, Dallas Performing Arts Sampler Series, encourages people to sample from Broadway, theatre, opera, music and modern dance.

“These packages are a creative way to share great performances with new audiences,” Mayor Rawlings said. “This collaboration among some of our city’s finest performing arts organizations shows what can be accomplished by working together.”

Mayor Rawlings was the first person to purchase a DPASS. Immediately following the news conference, he bought five DPASS 7-packs with plans to give the complete series as gifts.

“Whether you’re a longtime arts patron, or someone who has never been to one of our shows, you can dip your toe into the arts or try out new art forms, and at a very affordable price,” said Roger Nanney, chair of the AT&T Performing Arts Center Board of Directors.

For a limited time, patrons can choose from the select shows each organization has chosen for the DPASS packages. Starting with a 3-pack minimum for $75, the patrons can add shows for $25 each, up to a 7-pack for $175. Fees are included. DPASS is on sale from Monday, December 2 through Wednesday, January 15. The participating organizations include the AT&T Performing Arts Center, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, The Dallas Opera, Dallas Summer Musicals, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Dallas Theater Center and TITAS.

The mission behind the DPASS is to enrich the community through a diverse selection of arts that promotes, nurtures, and supports the performing arts in North Texas.

“We each have a tremendous base of subscribers who regularly support what we do year in, year out,” said Darrell Jordan, former board chair for Dallas Summer Musicals. “But each of us here wants to reach out and get new people excited about the performances we present. This DPASS helps us do that.”

DPASS Programming Selection:

The Barber of Seville (The Dallas Opera)
Bernadette Peters (Dallas Symphony Orchestra)
Cultural Awareness (Dallas Black Dance Theatre)
Disney’s The Little Mermaid (Dallas Summer Musicals)
The Fortress of Solitude (Dallas Theater Center)
Godspell (AT&T Performing Arts Center)
Motionhouse (TITAS)

All DPASS packages must be purchased and the performances and dates chosen by January 15, 2014. DPASS packages can be purchased in person at the box office in the AT&T Performing Arts Center Information Center in front of the Winspear Opera House or by phone at 214-880-0202. The packages can be purchased through each organization’s box offices as well. Tickets will be mailed to the patron. Each organization has some restrictions. More information can be found at www.dpass.org.

DPASS is the product of the Dallas Performing Arts Collaborative, which consists of five performing arts institutions: AT&T Performing Arts Center, The Dallas Opera, Dallas Summer Musicals, Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Dallas Theater Center. For the past year, these organizations, along with the City of Dallas and expert support from Dallas-based AT&T, have been exploring ways to reduce costs and improve service through collaboration, finding efficiencies and consolidating back-of-house operations where it makes sense. Progress has been made in areas of ticketing, calendar, health care and benefits, shared services and purchasing and artistic collaboration. More successes may be announced soon.

“Perhaps the most important thing to come from this collaboration is a stronger working relationship between these organizations, focused on building both healthier arts organizations and more support for the arts in Dallas,” said AT&T Regional Vice President for External Affairs Holly Reed. “We are pleased to be supporting this discussion.”

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