Kit Westerman, Director of Operations

Kit Westerman Headshot

Kit Westerman is the Director of Operations for the AT&T Performing Arts Center. Recognizing the Center as a ground-breaking establishment, Kit brings a multitude of successes from theaters, arts centers, festivals and education programs throughout the country. Understanding the strategic importance of smooth operations, Kit values each member of the team, and appreciates our opportunity to serve as a home for patrons to enjoy a broad spectrum of arts programming.

A long time champion of collaboration between arts organizations and community outreach, Kit’s background includes festivals such as Bumbershoot, Folklife, Bite of Seattle, and the International Children’s Festival held in Seattle Center; the International Festival of Arts & Ideas, which simultaneously immersed several Connecticut cities in programming from around the world; and the award-winning National Dance Institute education program in New York City, bringing dance, music and performing arts to over 6,500 public school children each week free of charge.

AT&T Performing Arts Center is a clear leader for arts in the Metroplex area, and Kit gladly joins our efforts to emerge and remain both a nationally and internationally recognized emblem for performing arts centers everywhere. Kit is also an avid hiker, accomplished vocalist and musician, the loving father of Max and Maya, and devoted partner to Dallas native, Jacqueline Maddox.