Center Circle Member Recognition


Carol and Steve Aaron
Anita and Truman Arnold
Philip T. Bee Charitable Trust
Diane and David Biegler*
Laura and Dan Boeckman*
Liz and Brett Brantley
Maggy and David Croxville
Linda and Bill Custard*
Pilar and Lew Davies
Melissa and Trevor Fetter*
Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger
Hegi Family Foundation*
Karen and Keith Hemenway
Kate and Dana Juett
Mark and Carol Kreditor Philanthropic Fund
Martha and Donald Miller, Jr.
The M.O.B. Family Foundation
Cyrena Nolan
Nelda Cain Pickens*
Cindy and Howard Rachofsky*
Helen and Frank Risch*
Dr. Jane Lee and Caleb Smith
John and Sheri Stankey
Gayle and Paul Stoffel*
Greg Swalwell and Terry Connor
Marnie and Kern Wildenthal*
Ellen and Donald Winspear*


Susi and Peter Brundage
Rosalie and Carl Clause
Rebecca and Barron Fletcher*
Nancy and Jeremy Halbreich*
Robert Hallam, Jr.
Bryant and Nancy Hanley Foundation
Julie and Ken Hersh
Julio Lopez
Joy and Ronald Mankoff
Phyllis and Tom H. McCasland, Jr.*
Penney and Roy McClurg
Margaret and Casey Olson
Erna and Peter Oosterveer
The Paulos Foundation
Lucilo Peña and Lee Cobb*
Catherine and Will Rose*
Dr. Christopher Salerno and Dr. John Dixon
Leslie and Howard Schultz
Mary and Bill Sladek
Margaret and Rick Sorrells
Pat and Jim Stanton*
Scott Weaver
Angela Wommack and Ted Casey


Jeffrey D. Allen*
Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson
Anne and Larry Angelilli
Carolyn and James Atkins
Ana and Don Carty*
Melissa and Robert Chaiken
Tim Chase and Eric Powell*
Barbara and John Cohn
Janie and Paul Cooke
Sara Fraser Crismon*
Charron and Peter Denker
Lauren Embrey*
Alina and Ruben E. Esquivel*
Debbie and Manny Fernandez
Marshall Funk
Mary Geosits
Judy and James Gibbs*
Robin Glover
Angela and John Howell*
Kathryn Jordan
Margaret H. Jordan
Susan and Robert Kaminski*
Sheilon King
Matrice and Ron Kirk
Kline Family Foundation*
Rhonda and Charles Koetting
Kathryn and Michael Kotel
Joyce and Larry Lacerte
Leslie and Tony Lenamon
Brian Margetts
Gwyn and Wilson Mason*
Holly and Tom Mayer
Lynn and Allan McBee
Maribess and Jerry Miller*
Joyce and Harvey Mitchell*
Tom and Nancy Moore
Ruth and Brian Mutch
Charlene and Roger Nanney*
Sheryl and John Paul
Adriana and Guillermo Perales
Wylee Protas
Dianne Prothro
Peggy and Leonard Riggs*
Beverly and Cary Rossel
James R. Seitz, Jr.*
Southern Methodist University*
Jyll and Hugh Spears
Phyllis and Ron Steinhart*
Robert Stiles
Debbie Storey
Steve Suellentrop
Mary Suhm
Mary and Mike Terry*
Stacey and Arnie Verbeek
Lorry and Patrick Wallace
Kristy Warren
Diane and George Wendel
Donna M. Wilhelm
Kirk Wilson
Victoria Zudak and John Eichman


Anonymous (11)
Jeffrey Abrahamson
Christine and Greg Acker
Craig H. Adams
Donna and John Adams
Cynthia Comparin and Denny Alberts*
Mary and John Alda
Brooke and Greg Alexander*
Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Alexander
Laura Alford
Debby and Bill Allbright
Jeff Alley
Pamela and Robert Alonzo
Mary and Matthew Anderson
Stephen Anderson
Rini and Roger Andres
Taylor and Dustin Anthamatten
Zaid Anwar
Linda and Robert Appel
Ader Assis
Tammy Atha and Terah Atha
Roy Atwood
Lynne Auerbach
Anna August
Tom and Marilyn August*
Regina and Matamba Austin
Theresa Badylak
Clark Bailey II
Ida Jane and Doug Bailey
Jim and Chris Baker
Ellenore and Kirk Baker
Christine and Michael Barsh*
Ken and Carolyn Barth
Lisa and Paul Barth
Patricia O’Neill Barton
Jared Bass
Karen Bates Novakowski
Paul Beal
Amy Beaman
C David Bedford and Ronald Rexer
Medora Beecherl
Karen and Chris Beinecke
John Beletic
Charles Bell and Catherine Bracken
Dr. and Mrs. Brent and Camie Belvin
Nancy and John Benefield
Barbara P. Berger
Arlene Berlin
Brian Berry
Christy and Robby Berry
Cyndie Bertrand
Gina and Jeffrey Bessa
Rudy Beuttenmuller
Llonda and Christopher Lloman
John Birkhoff
Becky and Allen Birmingham
Michelle and Randall Bishop
Maria and Clark Blakeway
Kalita and Edward Blessing
Renee Blustein
Mrs. Duncan E. Boeckman*
Debra and Thomas Boland
Susan and Robert Boles*
Julie and Kevin Bonahoom
Chris and Dorothy Bond
L. A. Bond
Sandy and Chris Borkowski
Steve Bottum
Tracy and Barry Bowden
Jim and Sherry Bradow
Jane Brandt
Walter Breen
Joyce and Robert Bregman
Holly and Doug Brooks
Phillip and Jenny Brooks
Linda and Lee Brookshire
Leila Brown
Mason Brown Family Foundation
Cristi and Phil Brown
Randy Brown
Rebecca Brown
Beau Browning
Karen and Edwin Bruning
C & K Buresh
Meredith and Brent Burmaster
Melody Bustillos
Chele Butler
David Cain
Cathleen Callahan
Rebecca and Stephen Callahan
Mary Bowman Campbell*
Kathy and Jeffrey Canose
Amy and David Carovillano
Robert Carpenter
Carol and Robert Carr
Robert Carter
Mr. and Mrs. George Caruth
Lisa Castillo
Jennifer Cather
Michael Cavenee
Sue and Tom Chambers
Dr. Linny Chance
Betty Jean Chard
Brandon Chenault
Barbara Chenevert
Donna and Robert Chereck
William G. Chesnut
Cathy and James Childress
Perry Christensen
City Yoga
Betsy and Tom Clack
Shalyn and Al Clark
Natalie and James Coe*
Nancy Coffman
Regina Montoya and Paul Coggins
Catherine and David Cole
Chris Collins
Craig Steven Collins, Esq.
B.J. Collinsworth
Kevin Connolly
Carole and Doug Cook
Howard Cooke
Jenny and Brad Cope
Julie and Mark Cottrell
Gary Cowger
Justina and Jim Cox
Mike Crandall
Stefanie and Jac Crawford
Morris S. Crim
Samantha and Jason Crispin*
Susan and Bob Cronin*
Kelli Crosby
Kathy and Harlan Crow*
John Culin
Judy and Cullen Cullers
Jeanne Curtis
Kristen Cusack
Dr. Trenton Custis
Sandra and James Dagnon
Stacy and Carl D’Agostino
Paul Daily
Kristi and Terry Dallas
Nancy and Mark Dambro
Sherri and Alan Darver
Janet and Tom Daulton*
Leah and John Davis
Robert Davis
Claudia and Scott Davis
Amanda and Dan Davison
Patty and Don Dawson
Arlene and John Dayton*
Carol Dean
Deborah Barnett and Terry Debo
Gary Delong
Sara and Jason Dennis
Nancy Dent
Lynn and Andrew Derman
Tammy and Mike Dickstein
Joan Doering
Andrea and Cal Donsky*
Kelly and Scott Drablos
Cheryl and Jim Drayer
Sandra Drusch
Monica and Christopher Ducic
Greg Duffy
Jennifer and Jay Duncan
Roger Durham
Lucy and Jason Edling
Karie and Mark Edson
Edwin Jones Co., Inc.
The Eiseman Families
Brian Ellard
Courtney and Matthew Engle
Paddy and Barry Epstein
Susan and Charles Fajardo
Kahn Education Foundation*
Laura Farrar
Kristy and Raymond Faus
Janice Feizy
Sandra and Gary Fernandes
The Fields and Dixon Families
Petey Parker-Fite and Jim Fite*
Kerrie and Ross Forbes
David D. Foster
Steven Foster
James Nicholas Fowler
Cindy and Patrick Fox
Dr. Jackie Frazer
Janet and Martin Fried*
Vince Fudzie
Amy and Matthias Galley
Carl Gamble
Archana Ganaraj
Sara and Stanley Gardner
Marialice and Randy Garrett
Scott Garrett
Tracy Fowler and Jeremiah Garza
Dr. Lisa and Dr. David Genecov
Audrey George
Caryl and Jeffrey Gerik
Brian and Julie Gerron
Mallory Fosdick and Bobby Gibbs
Kathleen M. Gibson
Drs. Myra and John Gillean
Barbara Glick
Godwin Lewis PC
Ken E. Goldberg
Mary Goodner
Robert Goldberg
Dr. Carolyn Salter and Dr. Michael Gorby
Linda and Bruce Graham
Robert Graham
Ranita Grauwiler
Gracon Construction
Ron Graves
Peter Grays
Thomas Grayson
Livvy and Jules Greif
Helene and Jerold Grubstein
Roy A. and Debbie Guthrie
Julie and Michael Hahn
John H. Hallam
Sandra and George Hallmark
Randi and Edward Halsell
Elizabeth and Wes Hameline
Alex Hamerman
Steven Happel
Jan Harbour
Renee and Micky Harrison
Laurie Hasty
Diane M. Hawkins
Colleen and David Hayes
Martha and Richard Hayes
Catharina and Craig Haynes
Bill and Sally Hayward
Michael Hedegard
Melinda Heika
Misty Hein
Susan Helm
Kim and Hudson Henley
Patricia and James Henry
Dana and Robert Hensley
Julie and Bob Herman
Kim and Greg Hext
Larry Hicks
Carol Hindes
Bertha and Narciso Hinojosa
Drs. Christine Ho and Anil Koganti*
Betsy and Jim Hodges
Lori and Jason Holland
Traci and Charles Holton*
Denise and James Horner
Stephanie and Ed Howard
Lara Huddleston
Cindy and Doug Huey
Keith Hughes
Vester T. Hughes
Eric Hunley
Ana and Christopher Hunt
Jason Hunt
Mary Margaret and Douglas Hunt*
Mark Hupert and Mark Lombard
Patty and Tom Hussey
Stephanie and Jason Huston
International Capital Management Corporation
Cher and David Jacobs
Mary M. Jalonick*
Arthur Janes
Harriet Jeffers
Keli Jenkins
Amy and Michael Jensen
Sue and Phil John
Denise Johnson
Melinda and Jim Johnson
D. Jill Johnson-Scott
Pamela Jones
MaryAnn and Timothy Jones
Jeff Jutte
Judy and Harold Kaye
Carol and Gary Kelly
Kay and John Kelly
Chris and Linda Keogh
Paige and Bryan Kesman
Jan Killian
Judy and Larry King
Sally and Wayne Kirkham
Tanya and Charley Kiser
Kim and Brad Kittle
Sarah Klarich
Mark Koch
Anna and John Koepke
Marilyn and Cal Koontz
Tim Krause
Kirk Kridner
Beth Krugler
Amy and Jason Kulas
Karen and Alan Kurzman
Trudy and Bob Ladd
Susan and Richard Lakin
Barbara Lancaster
James Hester and Sepherson Landers
Pamela and Van Lane
John Lanzillo
Fran and Mike Laukaitis
Paula Laux
Ray Lavender
Angela and Christopher Lawson*
Lori and Bradley Lee*
Donna and David Lee
Jonathon Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Mitchell
Donnabeth and Barry Leffler
Lisa Lennox
Lenora and Jerrold Levin
Carol and John Levy
Daniel Liberman
Christina Lindwall
Nancy and Russell Little
Tricia and Steve Loe
Jack Logan, Jr.
Deborah and Darrel Lohoefer
Michael Lopez
Wendy Lopez and Connie Moorer
Janet and Roland Love
Lynn Lovell
Judge Tom Lowe
Warren Ludlow
Barbara and Robert Luss
Dr. Bobby B. Lyle
Julie Machal-Fulks
Lori and Tom Manning
March Family Charitable Foundation
Nancy W. Marcus*
Charlene and Tom Marsh*
Charles Maillot Martin, Sr.
Rick Martinez
Julie and Edward Marx
Todd Massey
Shirley Mastenbrook
Shelly and Liat Matityahu
Tamara Mattison
Carolyn and Don Maulsby*
Carol Maxcey
Toni and Scott Mayfield
Matthew Maynard
Crystal and Todd McCarty
Linda McClain
Stacey and Nicholas McCord
Robert Lessor and Michele McCoy
Dr. and Mrs. Martin McElya
Amy Jo and William McGregor
Jeff McLaughlin
Lisa and Kevin McMillen
Glen Davison and Deborah McMurray*
Randi Stokes and Troy McQuagge
Cecilia and Charles McRaney
William McWhirter
Stacy and Philip Meadows
Lawrence and Joselyn Meddaugh
Astrid and Pat Merriman
Jon Mertz
James Meyer
Ed Meziere
Dr. Jerold and Frankie Michaelson
Dr. Paul and Tricia Michaelson
Christina Middlebrook
Dr. and Mrs. Carl and Bernice Middleton
Tom Mighell
Barbara and Jim Miller
Kim Miller
Charlotte and Lem Miller
Tricia and Bill Miller
Daniel P. Minton
Dr. Jere H. Mitchell
Kelly Mitchell
Marilyn Moffett
Ysenia and Darnell Moore
Fay and Ken Moraif
Barbara Morris
Susanne and Jon Morrison
Marc Moseley
Joseph Motes
Arnold R. Mozisek, Jr.
Thomas Mozjesik
Stephanie and Monty Mueller
Christi Mulkey
Teri Mullaney
David and Barbara Muntz
Stacy and Ken Murphy
Angella Myers
Judy and Jack Myers
Martha and Barry Nadler
Mary and Don Neel
Darrell Nelson and Michael Raymond
Jimmy Nelson
Linda and William Nelson*
Michelle and Jim Nevergold
Katie and Jen Newman-Nollkamper
Hung Nguyen
Lori and Nam Nguyen
Dr. and Mrs. Hisashi Nikaidoh
Charlene and Tom Norris*
Larry Nouvel
Tami Nystrom
Anne and Michael Ochstein
F. Clark Odom and Yvonne Chaney
Cindy and Pat Ohlenforst
Randy Olena
Scott Orr
Betty Osborne
Jeff Oxley
Linda and Buddy Ozanne
David and Cathy Pace
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Page
Palo Verde Oil*
Patrick Parish
Annette and Jeff Patterson
Hillary and Joel Patterson
Spencer and Tammy Patterson
Abbe Patton
Jackie and Barry Payne*
Paul Payne
Elaine and Trevor Pearlman
Michelle and David Peck*
Valerie and Gary Penn
Stanley Peskind
Kim and James Peters
Matthew Peters
Tom Phipps and Rick Aishman
Janice Pierce
Chuck Poche
Denise and Larry Pollis
Joan Martin and Robert Pollock*
David Portnoy
R. Gray Powers
Prado Family Fund
Tracy M. Preston
Kathy and John Price
Cheri and Lev Prichard
Pat and John Priest
Victoria Printz
Gina and Jeff Prudhomme
Dr. J. Michael Putman
Chachen Quach
Anu Ravipati and Devesh Ramnath
Alyson Ray
Cindy and Dr. R. Lynn Rea
Tom Reeves
Katie and Ian Rehmert
Andy Restrepo
Dav Rice
Ward and Gina Richmond
Jason Ridings
Phyllis and Rod Riggins
Mary and Joseph Ring
Michael Ritter
Robert Rizzo
Arthur Roberts
Carol and Arthur Roberts
Ana and Daniel Rodriguez
Linda and David Rogers
Robyn Rogers
Rhonda and Steve Rose
Sheri and Andrew Rosen
Vince Rossitto
Joel E. Rubin
Barbara and Stephen Ruel
Matt Rutledge
Richard and Penny Sabolik
Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Sahm III*
Ken Salyer, Jr.
Susan and Joe Sample
Lorraine Sampson
Dr. Henry and Ms. Terri Sanchez-Leal
David Sassano and Don Tapani
Robert Schasel
Kathryn Sensenig and Albert Schilthuis
Andrew Schoellkopf
Julie and Randal Schoenstedt
Ken Schwartz
Dr. Donald Schwarz
Robert Scruggs
Florence and Howard Shapiro
Bonnie and Bruce Shaw
Chris Shaw
John Shaw
Jonathan Sherwood
Daphne and Jay Shipowitz
Judith Shure
Dr. Sergio Silva
Dr. Russell and Judy Silverstein
Denise and Denis Simon
Susan Simon
William Simpson
Michelle and Mike Sims
Katie and Peter Singer
Kim Smith
Truman M. Smith
Shelley Snider
Dr. Amerian Sones and Dr. Lawrence Wolinsky
Cynthia and Stuart Spechler
Helen Spence
Alan Spencer
Aimee and Jason Spoerlein
Joe and Andre Staffelbach
Charles Stanley
Jay Stanley
Karen and Jack Stecher
Patricia Stein
Thomas Stockton
Sandra and Gary Stone
Eileen Strotz
Randy Sutherlin
Ed Swalm
Jennifer Switzer
Barbara and Robert Sypult*
Heather and Marc Tatarsky
Texas 811
Linda and Charles Thomas
John C. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Jere Thompson
Lynne and Bob Thompson*
Stacey Thompson
Jill and Tommy Tilden
Paul Tipton
Louis Tiseo
William Toles
David Tomecko
Robert Tonti
Dee Torbert
Joan Tormey
Nhu Thuy Tran
James Trester
Grant Trevithick
Cindy and L.C. Tubb
Rebecca and James Tudor
Deborah and James Turner
Dr. Gary Tylock
Michael Uvalle
Bonnie Uzelac
William van Wagner
Lori and Robert Vandehey
Rebecca and Todd Vanyo
Marcia Joy Varel
Denise and Anthony Villani
Stephen Wagenheim
Sharon and Jack Wagner
Brent Walker
Martin Walker
Suzanne V. Walker
Rebecca and Gary Walters
Angela Wang
Carmen and Todd Weaver
Matthew Weibel
Skyler Weinand
Benay Weiss
Susan and John Wellik
Joel Wellnitz
JoBeth Wells
James Wetrich
Laura and Doug Wheat
Beverly and Douglas White
Monica White
Bonnie and Jeffrey Whitman
Wieser Acquisiton Corporation
Susan and John Wilder
Nicole Williams
Melissa and Wayne Williams
Sherry and Robert Wilson
Diana and William Winkelmann
Susie C. Wolbe
Stephanie and Scott Woods
Donna and Joseph Worsham
Laura Worsham*
CandE and Steve Wright*
Stephen Wyrick
Rachel and Natan Yaker
Laura and Douglas Yarbrough
Juan Zelaya
Pat Zipper
John Zogg
Frank Zuch

* Indicates founding member
Donor Listings as of 4-25-2017